Armadillo, is Spanish for, “little armoured one.”

The armadillo showed up in a dream I had recently and I love its symbolism. I feel it resonates with me a lot. Also shows we shouldn’t be too quick to forget about these uncommon totem animals and their unique messages they can be trying to give us.

The armadillo is most exposed when it shows it under belly, and safest with its armoured shell, because of the overlapping plates covered with horns. Because of this, it speaks to us knowing when to show our most vulnerable sides as well.

Since it is linked to Spanish conquistadors and European knights, it is supposedly some thing that helps someone develop their knowledge in past lives – most generally the Aztecs.

This animal, being a part of the sloth family and heavily armoured – being known for rolling into a ball to keep its most vulnerable spots safe, asks us to question whether or not you are too sensitive, or not guarding yourself enough with other people.

They are animals that are very temperature driven, and are generally associated to people who are susceptible to illness.

They have an extreme sensitivity to smell. Symbolizing, our ability to be able to know when opportunity strikes – how to adjust to new things in order to manifest and create the life we want and find and bring in abundance.

This creature, is not just a digger, but also a keen swimmer who can hold his breath for up to six minutes. This shows movement from one dimension to the other and how to work with all the elements. It links to mediumship, in working with the dead. This also speaks to physical mediumship. where the person with this totem can feel physically the aches and pains of the spirits they’re connecting with. This requires a lot of balance.

The armadillo shows us how to work with the emotions of others and ourselves – to know when to be sensitive and when to speak up. making them a really great teacher.



Song of the day stuck in my head:

Faith – Limp Bizkit – original George Michael

-George was born the day my cousin Bret passed – Derek and I have two years of weird synchronicities surrounding his death, that Derek predicted.

You can read about it here

-His first album with Wham, was released November 5. My step mom and oldest brother’s birthdays.

-He released a documentary on my grandpa George’s birthday, November 27.

-Earl’s Court Exhibition where he held his last show, closed on December 13, my friend Nate’s birthday who’s crazy synchronicities I blogged about as well.

Which entry is available here

-The architect who designed it passed away on the day of my grandpa Bruce’s death, my great nephew Carter’s birthday, as well as my grandma Pauls’ birthday.

-Faith – the version by Limp Bizkit was released on Halloween. Interesting bc dates from yesterday and today’s dream add up to Halloween. Maybe something significant will happen?

Coffee With Jack

On July 21st I had a night full of crazy dreams as per usual. I like to take the birthdays of the people in my dreams, the houses astrologically they were born in, their zodiac signs etc. and come up with dates where there’s a possibility something may happen. At this time, I came up with the following dates:

It came out to the three dates above. If you look back to my previous entry, I had a cool synchronicity about Wayne Static being born November 4 and my friend Derek, which you can read here.

August 25 came and went and nothing profound seemed to stick out for me, except that I had been counting how many nights in a row I remembered my dreams, and the 25th marked my 13th night straight, breaking my previous streak from June.

Derek whom I have the unique synchronicities with, it would’ve been his grandpa Jack’s 96th birthday that day. So that morning he poured Jack and himself a cup of coffee asking to have a lucid dream with him. Unfortunately he didn’t get his dream with Jack, but I was in his dream. You can read his experience of this day here.

I went to go to bed and was cleaning up in the living room. It was about 3:30-4am and I was exhausted. Anyone who knows me well, knows I have an illness that can cause me to faint and the more tired I am, the more likely it is to happen.

I bent over to pick something up and I swore I felt two big hands on either sides of my hip brace me, as though to be ready to catch me if I fainted. The angle of the hands and their size, felt that of a male a few inches taller than me. I was so exhausted and it was so sudden yet gentle, I turned, looked – nothing there, and just went to bed.

During this same time, Derek was at his own home having been up with his baby, and was laying down to go back to sleep. He asked Jack to come to him in his dreams again.

The next day I was getting ready to make breakfast and all I could smell was men’s cologne! I didn’t have any perfume on, nor had I used a scented soap in my shower the night before. There were not any air fresheners either. It smelled just like a man got out of the shower and sprayed some musk smelling cologne on and was in the room with me.

With this weird happening, I told Derek then about my experience from the night before. He decides to pull some tarot cards, hoping they’d reveal who it was. He was suspecting Jack, his grandfather since he had been asking for him.

During this time, I ask if it is Jack, to show me a significant sign. I go out and grab my mail and there’s a local Pizza Pizza flyer. I come in, and walk through to the dining room and literally started to just fall over! I caught myself, but couldn’t figure out why, because there was nothing there to trip over.

I throw the flyer on the table and make eggs for myself and a hot chocolate. I make a strong black coffee for Jack and sit down to eat.

I’m asking Derek about Jack and ask him if he had something wrong with his one side of his body that would cause him to topple over like I did coming in. He reminds me he had an accident at work that led to him having to have his leg amputated from the knee. Without thinking, he sends me the article that was in the paper about it.

Omg – that’s when it hit me. I grabbed the flyer I had gotten out of the mailbox and quickly took a snapshot and sent it to Derek.

Jack’s accident occurred January 26! He was always terrified he would pass on a Friday the 13. He ended up passing on a Thursday the 13. This year, the anniversary of his passing was on a Thursday again.

Not only that – check out the next three photos:

The calorie count for both of the sale items equals 13. The first phone number shown above equals 26, and the second number equals 19 – Derek’s number. Turn the page to the $7.99 and add it up – that’s 7, the number you get when you add up the month, day and year of my birth. And remember – this was my 13th day of remembering my dreams and it was August 26, 2020.

I will definitely take that as a confirmation that Jack was here making sure I didn’t fall. Derek does not easily connect with his grandfather since his passing and when he finally did this year, insane things happened. You can read about that here. So I consider it a great compliment to have yet another friend’s grandfather visit me and in such a profound and caring way. Jack and I will be having coffee together more often now.


Meet Your Family Nisse

A Nisse amongst his garden gnome buddies

A Nisse (Danish/Norwegian) is a creature from the 1600’s thought to mean, “Dear little relative,” in old Norse.

They were believed to live in the home or garden to protect as well as aide in chores for the family when treated well. When disrespected, Nisse were said to be little tricksters, move things, harm or even kill people.

Thought to have only four fingers and to be only two feet tall, these shapeshifters had the ability to be as tall as a human male. Depicted with a long white beard, as well as a hat that went over the eyes, some people insisted they had no facial hair and they were hiding their one and only eyeball beneath their hat. Others thought their eyes and ears were pointed.

Despite the darker side of the folklore, these creatures were thought to be the Scandinavian version of St Nicholas. Acknowledged most generally at the time of the Winter Solstice.

Also similar was the Tomte which meant, “Garden fellow,” they have various depictions depending on the European country they hail from and the Christian influence later in generations.

According to Wiccapedia:
The nisse or tomte was in ancient times believed to be the “soul” of the first inhabitor of the farm; he who cleared the tomt (house lot). He had his dwellings in the burial mounds on the farm.

Once Christianity became more prevalent in the area the Nisse and Tomte were demonized along with many other non Christian folklore creatures, showing up even today as the goblins in many children’s story tales.

Continuing on from Wiccapedia: The belief in a nisse’s tendency to bring riches to the farm by his unseen work could also be dragged into the conflicts between neighbours. If one farmer was doing far better for himself than the others, someone might say that it was because of him having a nisse on the farm, doing “ungodly” work and stealing from the neighbours. These rumours could be very damaging for the farmer who found himself accused, much like accusations of witchcraft during the Inquisitions.

Funny how many homes have these little, but mighty Norse creatures in their homes today as decorations inside and out in the garden, having no knowledge of who they truly were.


Baldr’s Magic – Review

I’ve got to be honest, this book did not live up to my expectations. Which is sad bc they weren’t high to begin with.

The author, Nicholas E. Brink, Ph.D. as stated on the back cover, is a psychologist and a certified teacher of ecstatic trance with the Cuyamungue Institute. He is board certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology.

I like how he explains the difference between ecstatic and hypnotoic trances, as well as how he prepares and does each one in a class or group setting.

He then shows the different postures and the relics of which these postures were stemmed from and why he chooses to use them. He explains how to do each, which type of journeys are best for which posture and a brief experience he has had personally.

Part way through he introduces the most common of the Norse gods and goddesses from the Poetic and Prose Edda standpoints. The rest of the book consists of two parts: His multitude of subjective experiences over time with each of the postures and how he feels it fits with his ancestry, and then his own lost tales of the Norse, which he comes up with through his experience in trance.

I’m all for reading how something works for someone, but this is too much, when there is so much factual information or experiences from different groups of people throughout history and their way of going into trance states that would have made for a fascinating read. This is like someones meditation journal almost.

For me personally, this book is BORING and not worth the money.


Spring & Summer Synchronicity

On June 14, 2020 I dreamt that I went down the street two doors and up on the roof, where I took Rory over to see my friend Toni. On my way over we ran into Dennis, my landlord and my mom was there too.

There was someone holding their little Chihuahua ahead of me. We’d crossed the tin roof, walked down a wooden plank and then down into the party. I go to this party with one or two other girls I don’t recognize and we meet up there with this guy who’s a cop we know outside, and there’s a second one who’s really tall who kept trying to make out with me. I think once we were inside in the end we did, but not sure.

My house didn’t look like mine and it turned into being my dad and Lois’ place. They had an extra gift from Christmas but couldn’t remember who it was for, so I was trying to guess what it was because they didn’t know. I said puzzle for one of them. Lets break down the date of births:

Toni Jan 29 = 12/3

Mom July 16, 1954 = 14/5

Dad Nov 9, 1951 = 9

Lois Nov 5 = 7

Rory age 7

All water signs and one air sign 44/8 17/8

Months = 12/3

Astrological Houses = 12/3

I took the months and houses and predicted something would happen June 20, 2020

Nothing happened until the night of June 20 / day of June 21 when I had this next dream:

Uncle Howard

On June 21st, 2020, I dreamt that my uncle Howard was arguing with my dad about his constitutional right to do something silly and it was the first amendment that allowed him to do it. It was something dumb like eat pasta. In the next part, Amanda and I share a salad and eat the soup, Scarios together.

Pretty basic dream right? Let’s break it down:

Howard DOB Jan 17, 1954 = 10/1

Jim (my dad) Nov 9, 1951 = 9

Amanda Aug 15, 1980 = 32/5

Ashley (me) Dec 2, 1982 = 7

Dad & uncle Howard have both had 3 wives

Both of their current spouses are 4 days apart from the males:

Patti Jan 21

Lois Nov 5

Based off all the random adding of dates I came up with a prediction that signifigant things would happen on the following dates:

June 21 – this dream

And July 21 – I’ll explain this one soon, but first!

Amanda & I

On June 26, 2020 I dreamt that Amanda and I were moving into a garage apartment, but the stairs were falling apart so Amanda and I decided to look for new ones.

All of a sudden we were in this house with my mom moving in and my mom was gone somewhere. The house was full of people we knew. Our family friend Brent and his girlfriend, and Travis my oldest nephew, as well as Meghan, and there were other people we were supposed to know, but I don’t recognize who they were.

There wass a witch there around my age and I threw my cigarette in her face. I was looking for Zeus, my cat because everyone kept leaving the door open and I was worried he was going to get out.

We found a cool side entrance that went outside. One was from my bedroom and the other entrance was from somewhere else in the house. When my mom came home we are all excited to show her.

This guy I was supposedly friends with had all his stuff storing outside and I wanted it gone because it was starting to rain. I was trying to convince my other friend to go outside too and dance in the rain because he had just been sitting there.

We are all outside, in the rain, and I tell the one guy he has two weeks to get all of his crap out of the yard. If not I was going to sell it. I knocked over a ride on lawn mower, but really I was just trying to move it to sell it too.

So the witch pops up again, and she was moving tarot cards after her and I were fighting, and we ended up chatting and I said that I liked the Starman tarot deck.

Okay breaking down dates again:

Derek July 19, 1981 = 9 Cancer

Chrissy his wife April 27, 1985 = 9 Taurus

Travis Aug 11, 1995 = 7 Leo

Meghan Sept 20, 1981 = 3 Virgo

Amanda Aug 15, 1980 = 5 Leo

Mom July 16, 1954 = 6 Cancer

Brent Marcn 27, 1958 = 8 Aries

Add them all up 55/10

10 days from then was July 6, my grandma’s birthday. Derek’s friend Leslie’s grandma passed away. Leslie is a life path 5.

Derek had insane amounts of synchronicities and connections with Leslie and her grandmothers passing. The first of 3 parts can be read Here

So July 21, 2020 came and went and nothing seemed to happen. I napped in the early morning.

I was at a school that wasn’t my own trying to find books, but then all of a sudden when I got inside I was with shauna and my high school art teacher who I adore to this day, and I wanted to show her my old art class but another teacher wouldn’t let us in and I started to get sentimental about how amazing of a teacher he was when he left w the drama teacher.

So shauna and I decided to go see Nick and she was holding onto the charger cord for my phone so it wouldn’t lose battery.

There was snow on the ground and Kev from the Inner Circle – Lyndsey’s group was there and I told him as I stumbled down a hill that I’d take him out w me if I fell.

Then I was at a townhouse complex that I dream of all the time where my mom and sis always live together.

I was sitting in the grass and Amanda came up with a weird little buggy and was saying it was her house now – like a lighter way of living lol.

I dreamt I was on a back road driving somewhere w someone I knew but not well heading to another province and we had been in the car for 14 hours and were getting snippy w each other. Then houses started forming and it was the street my dad lives on and ppl were selling diff types of art outside

We kept driving and I ended up at this place that’s known for being haunted (in my dreams) and it was like I was seeing the ppl who actually ended up haunting the house.

Some blond woman who was about ten years older than the actor Robert Pattinson, but in my dream looked diff. And she was marrying him in some field and I could hear her say to herself, “From now on when we are here together, I’m not going to take so long to find him.” And I woke up.

Broken down again:

July 21 dream

12/2/1982 14
Bill V – 8/25 33/6
Shauna – 10/23/1985 29/11/6
Kev 12/28 40/4
Amanda 8/15/1980 /23/5
Robert Pattinson 5/13/1986 18/9


Leo 8
Leo/Virgo 9
Libra/Scorpio 13
Sagittarius 14
Capricorn 15
Taurus 3
2,5,6,8,9,10 houses = 4

Months = 55/10/1

Days 106/7 Wednesday Nov 4, 2020

I didn’t think anything about it until Derek asked me if I remembered the band Static X. I looked Wayne the lead singer up and he passed away Nov 1, 2014 – life path 9 – Derek’s dad’s bday. Derek and my dad are life path 9 too. Guess when he was born… Nov 4, 1965. He died 3 days before his 49th bday. 4+9=13 death. His wife Tera and him had been married 6 years when he died. She was 33 when she committed suicide from his loss. 3 days later would’ve been their anniversary.

Another strange thing. Alice and Wonderland the novel came out on Nov 4. Later that day i see a post from a friend that said, “Why, sometimes I’ve had as many as six impossible things before breakfast!” – Alice In Wonderland.

I was assuming that was it until later that night my mom’s childhood friend posted that their sister who was a twin passed away suddenly. Her and her sister’s birthday is July 23, 1953. Two days after she died. Their life path is a 3. The day she passed equalled 12/3 and she died on the 21st – another 3.

Jim, her brother, posted a memory of her battling cancer on Oct. 13. My mom posted an old school photo of them all last year on Sept. 23. Odd the 3 connections!

Derek’s ex uncle Paul was born in 1954 like my mom and uncle Howard. He is connected to the 23 synchronicities we all keep having. You can read the latest connection in his blog Here

Will add more as I know more.


Tarot Fur Charity

Readings will be done live on Ash Pauls FB page so be sure to like and follow the page to get the notification when the event starts. It will be at 5pm pst / 8pm est

Every donation will get a guaranteed reading and bumped to the top of the list!

Free readings too so be sure to come support and invite!

50% of all donations will go to a local dog rescue which will be given more info on after the charity night to keep it a surprise from the owners.

Donations can be made before the date or on the night of. Readings will go in order of who donates first.

Donations to be sent to:

The Antique Anatomy Tarot

These cards, with myself as a Sagittarius, show that I am putting too much on my shoulders, and not asking for help when I should. That I am more focussed on learning, because of a lack of self-esteem, loneliness and bad choices.

In the past, I had gained a good intuitive sense, but let people take advantage of my kindness.

Going into the next six months, my advice is to make the important decisions for my happiness bc my health is being affected as a result.

In the next three months, that’s November, I have to focus on not letting my emotions rule my actions.

Where I’m at right now, is preserving where I’m at as I gain more and trying to keep things together. The energy around me is of people not doing what they say people not wanting to make their lives better.

My worry is the tower, and I end up by February with the sun card reversed. Unhappy, possible bad health, weakness mentally spiritually and physically.

This is by no means a good spread, but I do find that it resonates. And it does give me drive to changing the outcome. Especially now that I know what to expect.

The deck itself, reminds me a lot of the Thoth tarot. Which I like a lot. In terms of the layout of the cards. The card stock is nice, and the box and book are beautiful. The book does not have reversals though. That I don’t like nor do I agree with. Otherwise I think this is a kick ass deck.

Take Care!



The song off Michael Jackson’s, “Bad” album, “The Way You Make Me Feel,” has been stuck in my head all day. I decided to Google it.

It was released November 9. My dad’s birthday. The date equals 9 which is my dad’s life path number too.

Michael was 7 years younger than my dad, which is my life path number.

When you add up Michael’s life path, it’s a 6. The day he died equals 6 too. That’s The Lovers in tarot.

On June 25, he would’ve been 61. 6+1=7 my life path again. He passed 11 years ago – 11th month is my dad’s birthday month and he is a Scorpio. The Death card 13 is the major arcana card for his sign.

Michael was a Virgo life path 6. My dad a Scorpio life path 9. 9+6=15 The Devil which can mean co dependancy or addiction.

His one wife was born the same day as my client’s son who passed from my last post.l. The client, his ex wife and I are all Sagittarius. She is 61 – 6+1=7 my life path again as well as 7 years between her and my dad. 7+7=14 which is Temperance the tarot card for Sagittarius. It also can be narrowed down to 5, which is her life path.

Interesting connection.

Back on September 16, 2018 I did smoke scrying for the first time and caught the unique face below. Bc my dreams lately have linked today, July 7 to be days where something interesting sticks out, I decided to see what I’d get. I caught my little man again almost two years later. Maybe I’ll call him Michael – which is funny bc I meditated years ago and saw a person who’s name I felt was Michael, but since I didn’t know for sure, I let it pass.

September 16, 2018 (date of original photo) equals 25/7 my life path again. That photo like today, was taken on a Sunday.

Will keep you all updated if anything else happens.