November Dreaming

On November 11 & 12 I dreamt the following:

11 – I woke up & left a voice msg to Derek about this dream. All I remember now is being in water with star fish everywhere but apparently I was on a trip with other ppl. We were in the water & someone got killed

Starfish symbolism:

At a crossroads. Time to gain clarity & build inner strength. Listen to instincts. Indicates a period of healing & renewal. Time to weigh your options & make big decisions for your future. Remove toxic relationships & focus on self love.

On the 12th I dreamt a weird dream:

12 – I go to leave this restaurant, but decide to go into a McDonald’s / Tim Hortons where I had already ate, but I wanted fries & an iced cappuccino. I asked a mom who’s little girl was about 5 or 6 if I could grab her a small fry too & she said okay.

Next I’m at my table eating the fries & I saw this DJ I know who was working there. He comes over & cleans the plates of food around me that weren’t mine, but was eating someone’s fries that were there. I told him he should’ve had some of mine. A girl came & sat with us & we were telling him he needed to eat more so he left the table. The girl & I swapped numbers to go together to watch his next show out of town.

I went to leave & this big guy comes flying at me from behind & starts circling the table after me. Someone ends up shooting him & the cops take him away hurt to jail. These two chicks start saying that’s what he does when he wants to dance.

So finally I get out to the car & this old friend is there & we bump chests bc we are both wearing purple hoodies after we hug & say we miss each other. She had a Halloween costume on over top that she showed me like a Dracula cape & hat that had corn chips holding it up.

We get in the car & grams is asking how mom spent her bday. That’s when I realize it’s been my bday & I didn’t get a candle for my cake. She asked mom how she was liking her wheel chair.

All of a sudden we see these crows flying overhead & I realize they aren’t crows, but ravens based off their call & that’s when I say it’s bc the anniversary of uncle Casey’s death is coming up. Then a hawk appeared & it was like I was put into this other dimension of colours & space & that’s when I woke up in the dream in a pool of water. I couldn’t believe I didn’t drown during the hallucination.

Trust me – I am aware of how weird my dreams are lol. Two years ago on the anniversary of Casey’s death, November 15, I heard ravens outside for the first time since being here – that’s 10 years.

Now hawks I hear all the time, but only see them when I’m with my dad. It is also a zodiac animal for my sign, Sagittarius.

November 14 goes by & that evening I thought Rory my cat had gotten on the couch with me & tapped my leg twice – he does this for attention. Went to look & he was no where near the couch. So I pulled three tarot cards & went to bed bc I didn’t feel they resonated.

On the 15th, the anniversary of his passing, I had been in a live broadcast of a friend who does mediumship & I was reading ppl in the chat. When I got off shortly after 10pm it felt like someone slid up beside me. Figuring again the cat, I looked to my left & nothing was there. Then I heard Rory in the room in front of me, jump off the bed.

It actually gave me the creeps, so I couldn’t get a feel for who it may be. Then all of a sudden the creepy feeling came back by my door & that’s when I realized the door had been left unlocked & I jumped up & locked it. Felt like I was being reminded to lock it before bed. I also found a McDonald’s monopoly sticker with 15 on it. Interesting considering I had dreamt of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s CEO, was born on Casey’s birthday, September 26.

Earlier in my friend Derek’s live broadcast, he got Hall & Oats when he asked his Amazon Alexa to play classic rock, which up until then had never played. Interestingly their third album was on my cousin Cody’s birthday whom my friend Derek & I have crazy synchronicities with, as well as the photo used for their Wikipedia page was taken on Casey’s dad’s Birthday October 28. They were No 15 on the list of 100 greatest artists of all time. Casey’s day of passing.

This morning I gave the cards another look & looked in my Jaime Samms animal cards to find the raven.

Anyone who reads my blogs, know that with Casey, comes my uncle Doug who passed away shortly after Casey did. I always look for synchronicities between the two.

Raven #16/7

Pulled on Nov 16

4th card pulled

Doug’s dob 12/26/1955 =31/4

12/26/2020= 15/6 Will be the date of his birthday this year

He was born in Capricorn 10th house

Death 1/29/2003=17/8

1/29/2020= 16/7 The date of his passing this year

He passed away in Aquarius 11th house

Casey dob 9/26/1964=37/10/1

9/26/2020=21/3 His birthday this year

Death 11/15/2002=12/3

11/15/2020=24/6 The anniversary of his passing this year

Casey was born as a Libra 7th house

He passed away in Scorpio 8th house

⁃ 4th card pulled Raven Doug’s life path

⁃ Raven #16 is current date 11/16/2020 =13/4 Doug’s life path & 16/7 my life path & Doug’s death date this year 1/29/2020= 16/7

⁃ Tarot 7 swords rev + 5 wands = 12/3 month of Doug’s birth, Casey’s current birthday 2020 & his date of death

⁃ Princess Pentacles rev is Doug’s birth Element Capricorn

Since not only does the raven card equal my life path as well as today’s date, I pulled the hawk card from the same deck & it is #2. My birthday.

16/7+2=9. 9 months from when I originally pulled the raven card is the date my grandpa Bruce died, Doug’s father, as well as my sisters birthday, August 15.

As I was working out the numbers for this post, my Amazon Alexa went off on her own. I hadn’t said anything to her.

I have no idea who the band Real Life is. Derek got up shortly after & I explained to him my morning. He decided to see what his Alexa would do if he asked it the exact question in the photo above. Instead of her answering with the same answer, she brought up the song Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. He ask again & got the same response. I tried & she answered exactly as shown above.

My uncle Casey like Freddy Mercury passed away after having HIV & both men were homosexual.

The song, Bohemian Rhapsody we all know, is 5:55 long & released October 31. That’s 5+5+5=15 – Casey’s day of passing & released 15 days prior to the same date. My friend in my dream was also dressed for Halloween.

Send Me An Angel by Real Life was released this month – November of 1983 in the USA. That is 19 years after Casey was born & 19 years before his passing. Next year will be 19 years he has been gone. This year on my birthday, I will be the same age Casey was when he passed.

Thankful my uncles are still with me & giving me messages to let me know they’re protecting me always.


Turtle Symbolism

Last week I was in a live where I got up to do mediumship and ended up connecting with a woman Leslie who was worried about a friend. Leslie and I had a lot of synchronicities surrounding her grandmothers passing on my grandmas birthday, the number 5 and me having dreams leading to that date. At the end of the live I told her to watch for the 20th bc I was worried.

I dreamt about the King’s tongue on the 15th. The day of the live which ended up being 5 days before Tuesday October 20. I also posted this on the Friday in the group:

My cousin Cody whom I have insane synchronicities with, which can be read about here, would have celebrated his birthday on Oct 19. I broke a record for dreaming every night and remembering it on that day as well.

My dream that night was:

Interestingly the next day on the 20th, I saw a post about an albino baby sea turtle that had been posted the day before – before I had that dream.

Sadly on the 20th Leslie did get news of a baby passing away.


Austrian Synchronicities

A few years ago, when I got my Ancestry DNA done, it said that I was part Austrian. That honestly held no meaning to me, except it reminded me of Marie Antoinette being born there. About a year later, I joined Ancestry s We’re Related app, and it said that she was a possible relative. I thought that was cool.

Ancestry will change the DNA results as they gain better insight to the science of it. Right now, it shows me as 39% Scottish, 34% England & Northwestern Europe, as well as 27% Irish.

It comes back around that there is a possibility that we do have Austrian in us on my dad’s mother’s side. Even though the DNA says otherwise right now. But I also know that I have family in Oslo Norway, and that doesn’t show on my DNA either so I figure what the hell. Let’s try to find out.

I thought I would Google to see where Marie Antoinette was born and that was Vienna. Turns out she was put to death by guillotine TODAY! Now we start down a wormhole before I’ve had a chance to dig into the family tree more.

Marie Antoinette was born Nov 2, 1755. Dewey Beard a well respected indigenous man who’s book I recently finished died on this day, but it was also the day my Granny Conners was born. It is through her family, where the Austria connection is thought to be.

Marie died today as I mentioned above.

Marie’s oldest daughter, Marie-Therese was born on my youngest nephew’s birthday of Dec. 19. She died Oct. 19. Remember Cody, my cousin who passed that I have crazy synchronocities with? That’s his birthday. Read about Cody here

Louis XVII – Marie’s younger son, passed on my oldest niece Jessica’s birthday June 8.

Her oldest son Louis Joseph Xavier Francois was born Oct. 22 my cousin Robyn’s birthday. Also a date that stuck out as a synchronicity from my dream last night.

Maria Theresa, Holy Roman Empress, German Queen and Marie Antoinette’s mother, passed away the day my Granny Conners died Nov. 29. She was buried on my birthday.

There are connections to even more birthdays in the family, but those stuck out. Looks like I’ll update if the DNA line fits with anything interesting too!


October 31

A traditional Irish halloween mask from the early 20th century. Photographed at the Museum of Country Life, Ireland.

Because of Christian engrained beliefs, when we hear of October 31, we think Halloween, but what is it really? Well, before we discuss that, lets swing to October 31 in the Southern Hemisphere and May 1st in the Northern half:

May 1st, or Beltane, is a Gaelic celebration occurring roughly at the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. The Irish name being La Bealtaine and other variations from the more common places it was held. It is one of four Gaelic festivals held with the seasons along with Samhain, Imbolc, Lughnasadh.

The reason behind this particular celebration, was that the people would move their cattle to pasture during this time for the summer. They would light bonfires and jump over the flames even, because they were considered protective. They also ate lots of delicious foods that were than used as offerings to keep them safe.

Then six months go by. We are now headed from the Fall Equinox to the Winter Solstice, and we are now at Samhain. Celebrated between October 31 to November 1. Thought to be celebrated as far back as the Neolithic era where tombs and passages align at that time with the rising sun. It is mentioned in old Irish folklore and original mythological tales.

This was the time for cattle to be brought in from Summer pastures for slaughter. Again as at Beltaine, bomfires and offerings for protection for the coming season were offered to the Gods and the land spirits or Aos si, thus making the veil between the living and the Otherworld more thin.

People would dress in masks and other face coverings to not be recognized by the Gods and spirits during this time. The families would go door to door for food and when serving their meals at home, a place would be set at the table for any local or ancestral spirits passing through.

Halloween came to be, from 9th century Christians changing November 1st to their All Saint’s Day and then All Soul’s Day November 2. Eventually the two merged to October 31 to when we now celebrate Halloween – All Hallows Eve aka All Saint’s Eve.

Most widely known to be considered a new age variation of the Gaelic holiday, some Historians have found links to its origin being Roman instead. That it derived from Parentalia, a festival for the dead.

The darker months ahead for the nearing of a new year as in with the concept of the Mother Maiden Crone and lets not forget Haig archetypes which I will blog for my next entry.


Canadian vs American Thanksgiving

Americans gained their Independence before Canada did, but Canada celebrated Thanksgiving a long time before the US. Canada can go back as far as 1578 for their first recorded Thanksgiving, while the United States had theirs at Plymouth in 1621.

The U.S. celebrates the 4th Thursday of November, Canadians the 2nd Monday of October.

Martin Frobisher was said to have had a feast of thanks for safe passage, in Nunavut, on his 3rd exploration, after losimg a ship in travel. In Plymouth, U.S. invaders or explorers had their first feast with the Native Americans around 43 years later.

It took until 1879 to be considered a national holiday for Canada, and then took until 1957 to have a set day! Historians claim that Protestant religious leaders wanted the holiday during the middle of the week, in order to get people to go to church and give thanks to God – which also gained Independence from Britain. Other people believe that it was a day to give thanks that we were spared having to go through what the US did with the Civil War. Even further, it was said to be a possibility of when Harvest Time happens – then again proving existence of God and life on Earth through the growth of crops, Etc. It was thought to be decided upon on a Monday, in order to make it a long weekend, thus urging people to want to get on the railroad and spend money going to see their families.

Obviously this is moot bc of the massacres of the Native Americans for being forced time and time again to run and or fight for their rights, only to have them consistently taken from them as their family amd tribe members were slaughtered in front of them, only to be expected to adhere to these laws mads up against them.

I recommend reading Black Elk Speaks and The Sacred Pipe, but there are a multitude of historical references you can easily find on the history of Thanksgiving in Canada and the United States and how it effected the original people living there beforehand as a result. Be mindful.



Armadillo, is Spanish for, “little armoured one.”

The armadillo showed up in a dream I had recently and I love its symbolism. I feel it resonates with me a lot. Also shows we shouldn’t be too quick to forget about these uncommon totem animals and their unique messages they can be trying to give us.

The armadillo is most exposed when it shows it under belly, and safest with its armoured shell, because of the overlapping plates covered with horns. Because of this, it speaks to us knowing when to show our most vulnerable sides as well.

Since it is linked to Spanish conquistadors and European knights, it is supposedly some thing that helps someone develop their knowledge in past lives – most generally the Aztecs.

This animal, being a part of the sloth family and heavily armoured – being known for rolling into a ball to keep its most vulnerable spots safe, asks us to question whether or not you are too sensitive, or not guarding yourself enough with other people.

They are animals that are very temperature driven, and are generally associated to people who are susceptible to illness.

They have an extreme sensitivity to smell. Symbolizing, our ability to be able to know when opportunity strikes – how to adjust to new things in order to manifest and create the life we want and find and bring in abundance.

This creature, is not just a digger, but also a keen swimmer who can hold his breath for up to six minutes. This shows movement from one dimension to the other and how to work with all the elements. It links to mediumship, in working with the dead. This also speaks to physical mediumship. where the person with this totem can feel physically the aches and pains of the spirits they’re connecting with. This requires a lot of balance.

The armadillo shows us how to work with the emotions of others and ourselves – to know when to be sensitive and when to speak up. making them a really great teacher.



Song of the day stuck in my head:

Faith – Limp Bizkit – original George Michael

-George was born the day my cousin Bret passed – Derek and I have two years of weird synchronicities surrounding his death, that Derek predicted.

You can read about it here

-His first album with Wham, was released November 5. My step mom and oldest brother’s birthdays.

-He released a documentary on my grandpa George’s birthday, November 27.

-Earl’s Court Exhibition where he held his last show, closed on December 13, my friend Nate’s birthday who’s crazy synchronicities I blogged about as well.

Which entry is available here

-The architect who designed it passed away on the day of my grandpa Bruce’s death, my great nephew Carter’s birthday, as well as my grandma Pauls’ birthday.

-Faith – the version by Limp Bizkit was released on Halloween. Interesting bc dates from yesterday and today’s dream add up to Halloween. Maybe something significant will happen?

Coffee With Jack

On July 21st I had a night full of crazy dreams as per usual. I like to take the birthdays of the people in my dreams, the houses astrologically they were born in, their zodiac signs etc. and come up with dates where there’s a possibility something may happen. At this time, I came up with the following dates:

It came out to the three dates above. If you look back to my previous entry, I had a cool synchronicity about Wayne Static being born November 4 and my friend Derek, which you can read here.

August 25 came and went and nothing profound seemed to stick out for me, except that I had been counting how many nights in a row I remembered my dreams, and the 25th marked my 13th night straight, breaking my previous streak from June.

Derek whom I have the unique synchronicities with, it would’ve been his grandpa Jack’s 96th birthday that day. So that morning he poured Jack and himself a cup of coffee asking to have a lucid dream with him. Unfortunately he didn’t get his dream with Jack, but I was in his dream. You can read his experience of this day here.

I went to go to bed and was cleaning up in the living room. It was about 3:30-4am and I was exhausted. Anyone who knows me well, knows I have an illness that can cause me to faint and the more tired I am, the more likely it is to happen.

I bent over to pick something up and I swore I felt two big hands on either sides of my hip brace me, as though to be ready to catch me if I fainted. The angle of the hands and their size, felt that of a male a few inches taller than me. I was so exhausted and it was so sudden yet gentle, I turned, looked – nothing there, and just went to bed.

During this same time, Derek was at his own home having been up with his baby, and was laying down to go back to sleep. He asked Jack to come to him in his dreams again.

The next day I was getting ready to make breakfast and all I could smell was men’s cologne! I didn’t have any perfume on, nor had I used a scented soap in my shower the night before. There were not any air fresheners either. It smelled just like a man got out of the shower and sprayed some musk smelling cologne on and was in the room with me.

With this weird happening, I told Derek then about my experience from the night before. He decides to pull some tarot cards, hoping they’d reveal who it was. He was suspecting Jack, his grandfather since he had been asking for him.

During this time, I ask if it is Jack, to show me a significant sign. I go out and grab my mail and there’s a local Pizza Pizza flyer. I come in, and walk through to the dining room and literally started to just fall over! I caught myself, but couldn’t figure out why, because there was nothing there to trip over.

I throw the flyer on the table and make eggs for myself and a hot chocolate. I make a strong black coffee for Jack and sit down to eat.

I’m asking Derek about Jack and ask him if he had something wrong with his one side of his body that would cause him to topple over like I did coming in. He reminds me he had an accident at work that led to him having to have his leg amputated from the knee. Without thinking, he sends me the article that was in the paper about it.

Omg – that’s when it hit me. I grabbed the flyer I had gotten out of the mailbox and quickly took a snapshot and sent it to Derek.

Jack’s accident occurred January 26! He was always terrified he would pass on a Friday the 13. He ended up passing on a Thursday the 13. This year, the anniversary of his passing was on a Thursday again.

Not only that – check out the next three photos:

The calorie count for both of the sale items equals 13. The first phone number shown above equals 26, and the second number equals 19 – Derek’s number. Turn the page to the $7.99 and add it up – that’s 7, the number you get when you add up the month, day and year of my birth. And remember – this was my 13th day of remembering my dreams and it was August 26, 2020.

I will definitely take that as a confirmation that Jack was here making sure I didn’t fall. Derek does not easily connect with his grandfather since his passing and when he finally did this year, insane things happened. You can read about that here. So I consider it a great compliment to have yet another friend’s grandfather visit me and in such a profound and caring way. Jack and I will be having coffee together more often now.


Meet Your Family Nisse

A Nisse amongst his garden gnome buddies

A Nisse (Danish/Norwegian) is a creature from the 1600’s thought to mean, “Dear little relative,” in old Norse.

They were believed to live in the home or garden to protect as well as aide in chores for the family when treated well. When disrespected, Nisse were said to be little tricksters, move things, harm or even kill people.

Thought to have only four fingers and to be only two feet tall, these shapeshifters had the ability to be as tall as a human male. Depicted with a long white beard, as well as a hat that went over the eyes, some people insisted they had no facial hair and they were hiding their one and only eyeball beneath their hat. Others thought their eyes and ears were pointed.

Despite the darker side of the folklore, these creatures were thought to be the Scandinavian version of St Nicholas. Acknowledged most generally at the time of the Winter Solstice.

Also similar was the Tomte which meant, “Garden fellow,” they have various depictions depending on the European country they hail from and the Christian influence later in generations.

According to Wiccapedia:
The nisse or tomte was in ancient times believed to be the “soul” of the first inhabitor of the farm; he who cleared the tomt (house lot). He had his dwellings in the burial mounds on the farm.

Once Christianity became more prevalent in the area the Nisse and Tomte were demonized along with many other non Christian folklore creatures, showing up even today as the goblins in many children’s story tales.

Continuing on from Wiccapedia: The belief in a nisse’s tendency to bring riches to the farm by his unseen work could also be dragged into the conflicts between neighbours. If one farmer was doing far better for himself than the others, someone might say that it was because of him having a nisse on the farm, doing “ungodly” work and stealing from the neighbours. These rumours could be very damaging for the farmer who found himself accused, much like accusations of witchcraft during the Inquisitions.

Funny how many homes have these little, but mighty Norse creatures in their homes today as decorations inside and out in the garden, having no knowledge of who they truly were.



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