Odin & The Nine Realms Review

Odin & The Nine Realms Oracle – Sonja Grace

54 card oracle & booklet

I think most of the money spent on this deck goes toward the box and the colored booklet.

I’m really conflicted with this deck. Sonja Grace obviously knows her Norse history & mythology. It shows in the booklet. The artwork I think is weird. I don’t dislike the style at all, but it’s laid out very plain for a deck & doesn’t do the Norse mythology justice.

My biggest issue is the author of the deck. The booklet begins by telling her personal experiences with the Gods & Goddesses. That I can try to be open minded to, but the fact that only the well known ones came to her is stretching my patience.

She then writes of them & how each spoke & interacted with her. This is my problem. Anyone wanting a deck like this, obviously has had some experience within the Norse world… & anyone who has would see her story is bullshit. A typical fairytale like story, told by a novice, who believes everything they’re told without any critical thought going into their experiences.

I believe she truly thinks she has had these experiences bc she wants them so badly, but it will fall flat to anyone who actually has.

That being said, I love the information for each card, that it is more than just a rune oracle – though they are in there, & I’m willing to test it out to see if it resonates.

Here’s a link to the flip through video from youtube to see the deck for yourself, minus the mind numbing story in the beginning. Flip Through


9 Realms Spread

1 – Hel – What can you learn from your ancestors?

Ehwaz Merkstave – shows I am about to face a huge challenge, and there will be some metaphorical mountains to climb. It’s possible that someone has broken my trust or has been disloyal to me. I may feel at a loss, and the experience will bring my progress to a standstill. If things appear out of balance it’s because I need to be patient. Wait for the right moment to act. It’s not a missed opportunity after all. Be still and consider the best course of action.

2 – What do the dwarfs of Nidavellirhave to show you or have you learn as something new?

Gefjun Merkstave – this card suggests that I am lying to myself, or someone else is. I have to be careful about my sexual energy. Refusing to acknowledge myself as a sexual being with needs and desires is the exact opposite of promiscuity. Both of which are out of balance. He wants me to be aware of my sexual energy and how I use it. It’s possible that I am locked in self criticism or bound by the criticism of others. It’s taking me down the karmic path of persecution.

3 – What do you need to learn from the light elves of Alfheimr about duality?

Skadi – Love relationships need your attention, and you may have to make a decision. Picking the right partner takes time, patience and self-awareness. Be aware of your unwillingness to see the truth. Like her, make sure that your intuition is attuned to the gods. In other words, as the Norse would have it the raven is on top of your head.

4 – What does the fire element from the fire giants of Muspellsheimr have to teach you?

Tyr Merkstave – you’re in a conflict with something or someone. This card puts you on Red-alert to prepare for the destruction that conflict often brings. Are you willing to lose everything for this? Is the hill worth dying for? If you decide that you want to take a different course of action, you need to make a personal sacrifice, such as releasing whatever it is you’re attached to. When we are odds with another person, we must be willing to look at ourselves first and our role in the conflict.

5 – In the mist of Niflheimr lift the veil to see your shadow self.

Bilrost Merkstave – I am out of alignment with heaven and earth. This disconnection means that no matter what I do, things will not sync. Sit in meditation, so that I can reconnect with the natural flow between the head and heart. This card suggests I sense the energy of the gods flowing through me, from the crown of my head to the earth rising through my feet. Build a bridge between my head and heart, and realign myself.

6 – Listen to the ancient wisdom from the giants in Jotunheimr.

Hel Merkstave – this can mark the death of a friend or family member. I am urged not to fear, but instead to rejoice as we are infinite souls having a human experience. We go on and take a new form. The reversed card indicates that I may be helping a loved one prepare to cross over, or I have received the news of the loss. I should take comfort and knowledge that friends and family are always waiting on the other side.

7 – Representing fertility in Vanaheimr, the Vanir give advice in matters of the heart.

Elhaz – this is the rune of protection. The powerful elk addresses as the warrior and is a mirror that reflects the inner self. The battle is always with yourself. This rune encourages me to survey the land, to know my parameters from where the danger may come. If I draw this card I am being protected.

8 – What human matters need attention in Midgard?

Hagall – Disruptive forces are at hand. There is a desire for freedom. The rune represents the power of nature and natural forces. These energies are barrelling down on your life, causing distraction. It is time to surrender and see your part in the creation of all this. Use your inner strength to support you and give you the stability and guidance need it to endure such change.

9 – What is the god’s message for you from Asgard?

Isa – I am frozen in time and I’ve lost all momentum. The freezing temperatures create a hostile landscape in which nothing can grow, and everything has come to a standstill. It is suggested that I let go and release what I’m holding onto, Isa is the I of the ego and what we feed or deserve and should have. It is due to the ego that I lose sight of my purpose on earth. My ego is protecting me no matter what the state of my consciousness. My karma plays a big part in the development of my ego. This rune encourages me to take the time to examine what my ego is trying to protect. Do I need to continue holding onto this part of me? Just as a frost giant grasps the Isa symbol whatever it is I’m attached to, let it go.

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