April 17, 2020 Dream Synchronicity

Today is 4/17/2020= 16 = 7 my life path.

So here’s my crazy dream from last night and the synchronicities that follow:

I fell back asleep and dreamt I was at a school concert or something, and I was with an old high school friend, but I can’t remember who it was now, and the song Lithium, by Nirvana came on.

Her and I started headbanging. Somehow we ended up upstairs, and we’re trying to get back down this black iron spiral staircase because we left our purses in the middle of the MoshPit.

There was a bunch of different coaches and political figures but I don’t remember who they were. I member one I said reminded me of Hugh Hefner.

Then it switches to a dream of me being sick I’m laying down and my mom is making popcorn and my sister is trying to take care of all these demons.

All of a sudden she says I have to do it and when I say I’m too sick that I’m not going to, she throws popcorn at me and leaves with my mom.

I am trying to keep the door shut while keeping my nephew out of the apartment because inside the apartment there’s this girl who is a giant and when she whips her lasso, it makes a hurricane which is her brother.

So she chases me down by the pool and I get in the water because I have to get to the tape machine on the other side to play the song Let It Be, in order to get rid of her.

She was crossing the pool as I woke up because my drink tipped over on me. I remember there was a strawberry shortcake and other things made to deal with the other demons.

That’s the dream. I know it’s messed up lol. So I’m looking on Facebook after writing it out and on this day in my memories, I was reading Bram Stokers, Dracula.

So I decide to look it up: remember 7 is my life path. 2’s & 7’s are my numbers. Derek’s is 9 & 19. We have the variants of 23 & 32 that follow us as well as the number 8 which I wrote a post on late 2019.

Bram died 108 years ago = 9

Dracula was published May 26 on my cousin’s birthday

He was married for 34 years = 7

His wife’s bday was July 17, the day after my mom and she died May 25 day before anniversary of Dracula being published.

So now my curiosity is piqued and so start looking into the song Let It Be:

Was released March 6, 1970 = 8

Recorded by EMI on April 30, 1969 =32

The single is 3:50 long =8

Paul and John met July 6, 1957 = 8
July 6 1929 – my grams bday life path 7
and my parents anniversary.

Paul has been in the business 63 years – 9

John was assassinated Dec 8

His first years before he quit the business for a while was 19 years

His partner Yoko Ono’s life path is 9

Chapman who murdered him dob May 10 – 1955 =7

He was reading Catcher In The Rye, my fav high school book and it came out on my moms bday July 16 1951 – which was the year my dad was born

My dad’s dob Nov 9, 1951 = 9

In my dream there were supposed to be these famous sport coaches and I said the one reminded me of Hugh Hefner:

Hefner was 27 when playboy came out 1953 2+7 =9 / 1953 = 18 = 9

On Ancestry where they did the possible famous relatives, Hugh came up as my 8th cousin.

I found out Dec 1, 2017 = 32

So Hugh’s first issue had Marilyn Monroe as the centrefold. Her dob June 1,1926 = 7

She was 36 when she died = 9

She worked 17 years = 8

She got married the first time at 16 years old = 7

Due to problems with her living situation, she ended up marrying her 2nd husband to keep from going back to the orphanage. They married June 19, 1942 = 32 to a boy who has the same first and last name as my college boyfriend. His birthday is February 8.

As for the song Lithium playing in the dream:

Nirvana was active 7 years

1989 nirvana released first album Bleach w Sub Pop in 1989 – I was 7

Was ranked 27 by Rolling Stones greatest artists of all time = 9

Inducted into hall of fame 2014 = 7

Sold over 25 million records = 7

Kurt was 27 when he died = 9

Dob Feb 20, 1967 = 9

Died April 5, 1994 = 32

His wife Courtney Love DOB July 9, 1964 = 9

Her band Hole formed in 1989 = I was 7

Their daughter Frances Bean is 27 = 9

The song Lithium was released July 13, 1991 = 32

My friend’s birthday

It is off the record Nevermind, released Sept 24, 1991 = 8

Will add more as I research more.


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