On This Day Dream

It was either shauna or krissi talking about me doing a teaching broadcast on week two and three.

In two weeks it will be May 8, 2020 = 17 / 8 the star / strength Uranus / Leo

Dracula showed up in my synchronicity from my last blog.

May 15,2020 = 14 – art/ temperance (my card of Sagittarius)

In 5 weeks May 29,2020 = 20/2

23 weeks Oct 2,2020 = 7 – the chariot/ cancer in Scorpio – my aunts bday (we just had the anniversary of her ex husband Clayton’s bday)

Interesting given my research lately.

Seven Years Ago Memories

Zooey Duschanel dob Jan 17,1980 – 27/9 partner is Johnathan Scott – Property Bros twin from Canada bday April 28,1978 = 12/3

Snow leopard symbolism

Dog symbolism – loyalty, faithfulness

Finally got a name for my illness. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) a form of Dysautonomia.


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