Family Trip

I am iron anemic right now while going through a Crohns disease relapse, causing me to sleep a LOT! This is my dream – or one of from today:

We are only a family vacation for 3 days. There are many members of both my mom and my dad’s side of the family there, but I recall wishing I could stay a week, to see everyone who came.

I asked one woman on the tripI met, if I could walk her dog across the street to get food. She came too and I ordered a pizza sub that came in two subs. He offered to go next door and get me a med choc milk and charged me $106 for which I was outraged and told them I’d fuck their business clientel up for fucking me.

We come back and I get in a car w my sister and mom so she can meet a cousin from NFL who had ancestry info on my dad’s mom. My sister in a huff of not trusting him, left the car and we went into an antique store. I asked if they had matryoshka (Russian nesting) dolls and she had 3 sets. Two of which I got. The set I didn’t want was round and blue, the second had a koala on it and the 3rd was a plate that separated i to 3 pieces.

Of the family I saw that I knew, were my two cousins Kyle and Alex, my youngest nephew Nicck, my sister, my mother, and my grandparents. My grandpa whom is passed away.

My grandmother shares the same life path as me July 6, 1929 = 7

My grandfather who’s passed dob was Oct 28, 1929 = 32 which follows me

My mother is July 16, 1954 = 33 – no symbolism there

My sister Aug 15, 1980 = 32 as well

What’s interesting, if you take your life path number and compare it to the same numbered major arcana card of the tarot – and then do the same for the currennt year (example I was born Dec 2, 1982 making me a 7 chariot. Replace year of birth w current year you get Dec 2, 2020 you get a 9 for The Hermit. )

Why I bring this up, is bc my mother, sister and I all have different life path numbers, our current year numbers are the same.

Kyle dob April 29, 1971 = 51/6 no connection

Alex dob April 27, 1973 = 8 a number recently being seen a lot

And last but not least, Nick Dec 19, 2005 = 19 another number dear to me

As for Koala Bears:

“In their native country, Australia, the koala is a symbol of dreams, intuition and magic. They’re also symbolic of innocence. As a totem, the koala reminds us to approach life w childlike wonder.”

Nesting/Matryoshka Dolls:

I love these and used to collect them. They mean nostalgia and family and p.ay to me.

Seeing as this dream is about family, I will keep an eye out on mine who stuck out in the dream, to see how they are doing and update anything new.

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