You can hate me after this, remove me from your lists, but this I feel pulled to write.

It is wrong that anyone be hurt unjustifyably by anyone else, let alone by someone who is to keep us safe from hsrm.

When dealing with the legalities of the death by the cop recorded on camera, the whole idea is to now get jutice for that man’s death right? We have proof that he murdered him. We do not have proof that it was on purpose. Yes it was beyond disgusting that he did what he did and thus ended in the murder, but law wise we have no proof of intent.

If the policeman is taken to court and tried for first degree murder which means intent to kill, with no proof – he could be let free. That’s a terrifying thought. If we charge him with second degree murder because we do have proof of that, then we a pretty much guaranteed a conviction of 15 years. If justice is what is the goal – then why not do what ensures a conviction?

I believe in peaceful protests to get our government moving, but how does looting, destroying the properties and businesses, as well as local people being hurt going to make the argument stand? When you are fighting for rights and justice, why are you hurting ppl and ruining the community for other ppl and their livliloods.

You are being hypocrits. Be the change you want to see or else you are only feeding the injustice in this world. And that’s the biggest issue w ppl on this planet. We are killing each other to make a stand against the same things we are doing in return. Grow up. You should be ashamed of yourselves.


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