I write about my experiences in this blog all the time but never truly about myself. So here’s a fun silly post of random things about me.

I love snakes. I used to play in a nest of garder snakes growing up, while my mom took clothes off the line.

I’m terrified of spiders. They must die. Living alone means I kill them – I’m not okay with this.

I’m a dog person more than a cat person. Shh don’t tell Rory! I love my cat and adore the ones I’ve had previously and feel special to bond easily with most, but I was raised with a big dog and that’s my preference. My health is the only reason I have cats instead.

I don’t eat red meat. I haven’t in 16 years, and no it’s not the quality of the beef. I hate banana flavoured things – worst taste ever (besides green beans yuck!) but bananas are probably my favourite food – besides cheese, but I can’t digest bananas lol. And apple juice is gross.

I have a weird fascination with nesting dolls. I had so many at one point, that a student journalist saw a post I made about them all and came here and wrote an article about it lol.

I wasn’t raised religious. When people say it’s silly to believe in mythology, I think they’re just as silly for being Christian.

My birthday is Dec 2, 1982 and 2 has always been my number. Then I found out my life path number is 7, and that bloody number follows me everywhere now too!

Almost everyone I’ve ever been close with is a Cancer, Leo or Scorpio. I’m not a huge fan of other Sagittarius ppl. Nor do I usually get along with other Ashley’s – most Ashley’s agree with me on that too lol.

I collect comics. My fav is HellBlazer. I loved Neil Gaiman before the hype. Sandman and Preacher comics are a close second fav along with Indiana Jones.

I am a Godfather Addict. I have never seen another movie – except maybe Home Alone when I was a kid (and yes I can commentary the entire movie). I own a Godfather bobble head and the anniversary addition of the movies.

I have zero toys left from when I was a kid.

Most ppl think it’s only my sister and I, but we have an older brother and two younger.

I’ve been an aunt since I was 8 and a great aunt since 32.

Fav flowers are sunflowers and tulips. I like dahlias too. Fav colours a red and purple, but not together.

And I don’t understand why ppl like pineapple on their pizza or chocolates w fruit centres. That’s weird to me!


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