Dream & Wake Time

I went to bed early last night and woke up in the middle of the night. A friend messaged me and asked if I’d do a reading on her friend and figured I may as well.

The reading went good and was able to verify some things regarding their son’s passing. The son’s birthday was December 6 and had the same life path number as me, 7.

I wrote my friend Derek, who I share my dreams with and told him I didn’t have any and fell back asleep.

I dreamt that I had pulled three cards from the Starman Tarot. I was talking to someone behind me – I don’t know who, and was telling them that the cards I pulled were telling me to pull cards about it. I had no idea what that even meant.

I woke up a bit later and my friend shared their dreams with me from last night. You can read his version Here

I had this song in my head. Be With You, by Mr Big. I had only ever heard it when I was doing a beginners guitar tutorial on easy songs to play. I decided to look it up.

This drummer for the band was the only one who stood out. His birthday was the same day as a friend I think of like family, Nate. He was also living in Ohio like my friend who I share my dreams with.

I decide to check Nate’s Facebook and everything seemed fine with him. So I pulled three Starman tarot cards:

The Lovers #6, 6 swords reversed and then 10 of Pentacles. Well Nate’s oldest son had a birthday in June, which is what The Lovers card represents astrologically. Add the other 2 cards up and you get 16/7 The Tower/The Chariot. Both of which kept showing in my reading reversed last night. The 7 is again my and the client’s son’s life path.

So then I see Nate’s youngest had a birthday May 12. The ten of Pentacles represents an Earth sign and his son is Taurus – Earth. So I set that card aside and counted the 6 of swords reversed and #6 The Lovers and got 12 – Nate’s son’s date of birth. Also the month myself, the drummer, Nate and the client’s son was born. Fascinating! The son also has the same name as Nate’s younger brother.

May 12 seemed familiar and then I remembered! It’s my cousin Cody’s day he passed away from being hit by a train. There were crazy synchronicities with my friend then too. You can read the journal entry Here

My friend Derek, mentioned above, recently got a box of random CDs, and in it was Mr Big – the album with that song on it. The box was purchased from a man who recently passed away. He shares the same birthday as my client’s son. December 6!

Not only that, but his friend Nate showed up in his dream last night! Both his friend Nate and his sister who were in the dream are life path 5’s. It is 5 days until the passing of my second cousin Bret (Cody’s uncle) and he was another significant synchronicity between Derek and I when he predicted a death which ended up being Bret’s. You can read about that Here in this blog.

Will update if anything new arises.

Update*** I was reading this and the synchronistic post about Cody to my mom yesterday and come to find out, not only did I write this entry five days prior to the anniversary of Bret’s passing, I wrote the post about Cody 5 days prior to his!

Update*** Bret’s wife posted this on her birthday:


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