The song off Michael Jackson’s, “Bad” album, “The Way You Make Me Feel,” has been stuck in my head all day. I decided to Google it.

It was released November 9. My dad’s birthday. The date equals 9 which is my dad’s life path number too.

Michael was 7 years younger than my dad, which is my life path number.

When you add up Michael’s life path, it’s a 6. The day he died equals 6 too. That’s The Lovers in tarot.

On June 25, he would’ve been 61. 6+1=7 my life path again. He passed 11 years ago – 11th month is my dad’s birthday month and he is a Scorpio. The Death card 13 is the major arcana card for his sign.

Michael was a Virgo life path 6. My dad a Scorpio life path 9. 9+6=15 The Devil which can mean co dependancy or addiction.

His one wife was born the same day as my client’s son who passed from my last post.l. The client, his ex wife and I are all Sagittarius. She is 61 – 6+1=7 my life path again as well as 7 years between her and my dad. 7+7=14 which is Temperance the tarot card for Sagittarius. It also can be narrowed down to 5, which is her life path.

Interesting connection.

Back on September 16, 2018 I did smoke scrying for the first time and caught the unique face below. Bc my dreams lately have linked today, July 7 to be days where something interesting sticks out, I decided to see what I’d get. I caught my little man again almost two years later. Maybe I’ll call him Michael – which is funny bc I meditated years ago and saw a person who’s name I felt was Michael, but since I didn’t know for sure, I let it pass.

September 16, 2018 (date of original photo) equals 25/7 my life path again. That photo like today, was taken on a Sunday.

Will keep you all updated if anything else happens.


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