Coffee With Jack

On July 21st I had a night full of crazy dreams as per usual. I like to take the birthdays of the people in my dreams, the houses astrologically they were born in, their zodiac signs etc. and come up with dates where there’s a possibility something may happen. At this time, I came up with the following dates:

It came out to the three dates above. If you look back to my previous entry, I had a cool synchronicity about Wayne Static being born November 4 and my friend Derek, which you can read here.

August 25 came and went and nothing profound seemed to stick out for me, except that I had been counting how many nights in a row I remembered my dreams, and the 25th marked my 13th night straight, breaking my previous streak from June.

Derek whom I have the unique synchronicities with, it would’ve been his grandpa Jack’s 96th birthday that day. So that morning he poured Jack and himself a cup of coffee asking to have a lucid dream with him. Unfortunately he didn’t get his dream with Jack, but I was in his dream. You can read his experience of this day here.

I went to go to bed and was cleaning up in the living room. It was about 3:30-4am and I was exhausted. Anyone who knows me well, knows I have an illness that can cause me to faint and the more tired I am, the more likely it is to happen.

I bent over to pick something up and I swore I felt two big hands on either sides of my hip brace me, as though to be ready to catch me if I fainted. The angle of the hands and their size, felt that of a male a few inches taller than me. I was so exhausted and it was so sudden yet gentle, I turned, looked – nothing there, and just went to bed.

During this same time, Derek was at his own home having been up with his baby, and was laying down to go back to sleep. He asked Jack to come to him in his dreams again.

The next day I was getting ready to make breakfast and all I could smell was men’s cologne! I didn’t have any perfume on, nor had I used a scented soap in my shower the night before. There were not any air fresheners either. It smelled just like a man got out of the shower and sprayed some musk smelling cologne on and was in the room with me.

With this weird happening, I told Derek then about my experience from the night before. He decides to pull some tarot cards, hoping they’d reveal who it was. He was suspecting Jack, his grandfather since he had been asking for him.

During this time, I ask if it is Jack, to show me a significant sign. I go out and grab my mail and there’s a local Pizza Pizza flyer. I come in, and walk through to the dining room and literally started to just fall over! I caught myself, but couldn’t figure out why, because there was nothing there to trip over.

I throw the flyer on the table and make eggs for myself and a hot chocolate. I make a strong black coffee for Jack and sit down to eat.

I’m asking Derek about Jack and ask him if he had something wrong with his one side of his body that would cause him to topple over like I did coming in. He reminds me he had an accident at work that led to him having to have his leg amputated from the knee. Without thinking, he sends me the article that was in the paper about it.

Omg – that’s when it hit me. I grabbed the flyer I had gotten out of the mailbox and quickly took a snapshot and sent it to Derek.

Jack’s accident occurred January 26! He was always terrified he would pass on a Friday the 13. He ended up passing on a Thursday the 13. This year, the anniversary of his passing was on a Thursday again.

Not only that – check out the next three photos:

The calorie count for both of the sale items equals 13. The first phone number shown above equals 26, and the second number equals 19 – Derek’s number. Turn the page to the $7.99 and add it up – that’s 7, the number you get when you add up the month, day and year of my birth. And remember – this was my 13th day of remembering my dreams and it was August 26, 2020.

I will definitely take that as a confirmation that Jack was here making sure I didn’t fall. Derek does not easily connect with his grandfather since his passing and when he finally did this year, insane things happened. You can read about that here. So I consider it a great compliment to have yet another friend’s grandfather visit me and in such a profound and caring way. Jack and I will be having coffee together more often now.


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