Song of the day stuck in my head:

Faith – Limp Bizkit – original George Michael

-George was born the day my cousin Bret passed – Derek and I have two years of weird synchronicities surrounding his death, that Derek predicted.

You can read about it here

-His first album with Wham, was released November 5. My step mom and oldest brother’s birthdays.

-He released a documentary on my grandpa George’s birthday, November 27.

-Earl’s Court Exhibition where he held his last show, closed on December 13, my friend Nate’s birthday who’s crazy synchronicities I blogged about as well.

Which entry is available here

-The architect who designed it passed away on the day of my grandpa Bruce’s death, my great nephew Carter’s birthday, as well as my grandma Pauls’ birthday.

-Faith – the version by Limp Bizkit was released on Halloween. Interesting bc dates from yesterday and today’s dream add up to Halloween. Maybe something significant will happen?

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