Armadillo, is Spanish for, “little armoured one.”

The armadillo showed up in a dream I had recently and I love its symbolism. I feel it resonates with me a lot. Also shows we shouldn’t be too quick to forget about these uncommon totem animals and their unique messages they can be trying to give us.

The armadillo is most exposed when it shows it under belly, and safest with its armoured shell, because of the overlapping plates covered with horns. Because of this, it speaks to us knowing when to show our most vulnerable sides as well.

Since it is linked to Spanish conquistadors and European knights, it is supposedly some thing that helps someone develop their knowledge in past lives – most generally the Aztecs.

This animal, being a part of the sloth family and heavily armoured – being known for rolling into a ball to keep its most vulnerable spots safe, asks us to question whether or not you are too sensitive, or not guarding yourself enough with other people.

They are animals that are very temperature driven, and are generally associated to people who are susceptible to illness.

They have an extreme sensitivity to smell. Symbolizing, our ability to be able to know when opportunity strikes – how to adjust to new things in order to manifest and create the life we want and find and bring in abundance.

This creature, is not just a digger, but also a keen swimmer who can hold his breath for up to six minutes. This shows movement from one dimension to the other and how to work with all the elements. It links to mediumship, in working with the dead. This also speaks to physical mediumship. where the person with this totem can feel physically the aches and pains of the spirits they’re connecting with. This requires a lot of balance.

The armadillo shows us how to work with the emotions of others and ourselves – to know when to be sensitive and when to speak up. making them a really great teacher.


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