Austrian Synchronicities

A few years ago, when I got my Ancestry DNA done, it said that I was part Austrian. That honestly held no meaning to me, except it reminded me of Marie Antoinette being born there. About a year later, I joined Ancestry s We’re Related app, and it said that she was a possible relative. I thought that was cool.

Ancestry will change the DNA results as they gain better insight to the science of it. Right now, it shows me as 39% Scottish, 34% England & Northwestern Europe, as well as 27% Irish.

It comes back around that there is a possibility that we do have Austrian in us on my dad’s mother’s side. Even though the DNA says otherwise right now. But I also know that I have family in Oslo Norway, and that doesn’t show on my DNA either so I figure what the hell. Let’s try to find out.

I thought I would Google to see where Marie Antoinette was born and that was Vienna. Turns out she was put to death by guillotine TODAY! Now we start down a wormhole before I’ve had a chance to dig into the family tree more.

Marie Antoinette was born Nov 2, 1755. Dewey Beard a well respected indigenous man who’s book I recently finished died on this day, but it was also the day my Granny Conners was born. It is through her family, where the Austria connection is thought to be.

Marie died today as I mentioned above.

Marie’s oldest daughter, Marie-Therese was born on my youngest nephew’s birthday of Dec. 19. She died Oct. 19. Remember Cody, my cousin who passed that I have crazy synchronocities with? That’s his birthday. Read about Cody here

Louis XVII – Marie’s younger son, passed on my oldest niece Jessica’s birthday June 8.

Her oldest son Louis Joseph Xavier Francois was born Oct. 22 my cousin Robyn’s birthday. Also a date that stuck out as a synchronicity from my dream last night.

Maria Theresa, Holy Roman Empress, German Queen and Marie Antoinette’s mother, passed away the day my Granny Conners died Nov. 29. She was buried on my birthday.

There are connections to even more birthdays in the family, but those stuck out. Looks like I’ll update if the DNA line fits with anything interesting too!


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