Turtle Symbolism

Last week I was in a live where I got up to do mediumship and ended up connecting with a woman Leslie who was worried about a friend. Leslie and I had a lot of synchronicities surrounding her grandmothers passing on my grandmas birthday, the number 5 and me having dreams leading to that date. At the end of the live I told her to watch for the 20th bc I was worried.

I dreamt about the King’s tongue on the 15th. The day of the live which ended up being 5 days before Tuesday October 20. I also posted this on the Friday in the group:

My cousin Cody whom I have insane synchronicities with, which can be read about here, would have celebrated his birthday on Oct 19. I broke a record for dreaming every night and remembering it on that day as well.

My dream that night was:

Interestingly the next day on the 20th, I saw a post about an albino baby sea turtle that had been posted the day before – before I had that dream.

Sadly on the 20th Leslie did get news of a baby passing away.


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