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The song off Michael Jackson’s, “Bad” album, “The Way You Make Me Feel,” has been stuck in my head all day. I decided to Google it.

It was released November 9. My dad’s birthday. The date equals 9 which is my dad’s life path number too.

Michael was 7 years younger than my dad, which is my life path number.

When you add up Michael’s life path, it’s a 6. The day he died equals 6 too. That’s The Lovers in tarot.

On June 25, he would’ve been 61. 6+1=7 my life path again. He passed 11 years ago – 11th month is my dad’s birthday month and he is a Scorpio. The Death card 13 is the major arcana card for his sign.

Michael was a Virgo life path 6. My dad a Scorpio life path 9. 9+6=15 The Devil which can mean co dependancy or addiction.

His one wife was born the same day as my client’s son who passed from my last post.l. The client, his ex wife and I are all Sagittarius. She is 61 – 6+1=7 my life path again as well as 7 years between her and my dad. 7+7=14 which is Temperance the tarot card for Sagittarius. It also can be narrowed down to 5, which is her life path.

Interesting connection.

Back on September 16, 2018 I did smoke scrying for the first time and caught the unique face below. Bc my dreams lately have linked today, July 7 to be days where something interesting sticks out, I decided to see what I’d get. I caught my little man again almost two years later. Maybe I’ll call him Michael – which is funny bc I meditated years ago and saw a person who’s name I felt was Michael, but since I didn’t know for sure, I let it pass.

September 16, 2018 (date of original photo) equals 25/7 my life path again. That photo like today, was taken on a Sunday.

Will keep you all updated if anything else happens.


Dream & Wake Time

I went to bed early last night and woke up in the middle of the night. A friend messaged me and asked if I’d do a reading on her friend and figured I may as well.

The reading went good and was able to verify some things regarding their son’s passing. The son’s birthday was December 6 and had the same life path number as me, 7.

I wrote my friend Derek, who I share my dreams with and told him I didn’t have any and fell back asleep.

I dreamt that I had pulled three cards from the Starman Tarot. I was talking to someone behind me – I don’t know who, and was telling them that the cards I pulled were telling me to pull cards about it. I had no idea what that even meant.

I woke up a bit later and my friend shared their dreams with me from last night. You can read his version Here

I had this song in my head. Be With You, by Mr Big. I had only ever heard it when I was doing a beginners guitar tutorial on easy songs to play. I decided to look it up.

This drummer for the band was the only one who stood out. His birthday was the same day as a friend I think of like family, Nate. He was also living in Ohio like my friend who I share my dreams with.

I decide to check Nate’s Facebook and everything seemed fine with him. So I pulled three Starman tarot cards:

The Lovers #6, 6 swords reversed and then 10 of Pentacles. Well Nate’s oldest son had a birthday in June, which is what The Lovers card represents astrologically. Add the other 2 cards up and you get 16/7 The Tower/The Chariot. Both of which kept showing in my reading reversed last night. The 7 is again my and the client’s son’s life path.

So then I see Nate’s youngest had a birthday May 12. The ten of Pentacles represents an Earth sign and his son is Taurus – Earth. So I set that card aside and counted the 6 of swords reversed and #6 The Lovers and got 12 – Nate’s son’s date of birth. Also the month myself, the drummer, Nate and the client’s son was born. Fascinating! The son also has the same name as Nate’s younger brother.

May 12 seemed familiar and then I remembered! It’s my cousin Cody’s day he passed away from being hit by a train. There were crazy synchronicities with my friend then too. You can read the journal entry Here

My friend Derek, mentioned above, recently got a box of random CDs, and in it was Mr Big – the album with that song on it. The box was purchased from a man who recently passed away. He shares the same birthday as my client’s son. December 6!

Not only that, but his friend Nate showed up in his dream last night! Both his friend Nate and his sister who were in the dream are life path 5’s. It is 5 days until the passing of my second cousin Bret (Cody’s uncle) and he was another significant synchronicity between Derek and I when he predicted a death which ended up being Bret’s. You can read about that Here in this blog.

Will update if anything new arises.

Update*** I was reading this and the synchronistic post about Cody to my mom yesterday and come to find out, not only did I write this entry five days prior to the anniversary of Bret’s passing, I wrote the post about Cody 5 days prior to his!



I write about my experiences in this blog all the time but never truly about myself. So here’s a fun silly post of random things about me.

I love snakes. I used to play in a nest of garder snakes growing up, while my mom took clothes off the line.

I’m terrified of spiders. They must die. Living alone means I kill them – I’m not okay with this.

I’m a dog person more than a cat person. Shh don’t tell Rory! I love my cat and adore the ones I’ve had previously and feel special to bond easily with most, but I was raised with a big dog and that’s my preference. My health is the only reason I have cats instead.

I don’t eat red meat. I haven’t in 16 years, and no it’s not the quality of the beef. I hate banana flavoured things – worst taste ever (besides green beans yuck!) but bananas are probably my favourite food – besides cheese, but I can’t digest bananas lol. And apple juice is gross.

I have a weird fascination with nesting dolls. I had so many at one point, that a student journalist saw a post I made about them all and came here and wrote an article about it lol.

I wasn’t raised religious. When people say it’s silly to believe in mythology, I think they’re just as silly for being Christian.

My birthday is Dec 2, 1982 and 2 has always been my number. Then I found out my life path number is 7, and that bloody number follows me everywhere now too!

Almost everyone I’ve ever been close with is a Cancer, Leo or Scorpio. I’m not a huge fan of other Sagittarius ppl. Nor do I usually get along with other Ashley’s – most Ashley’s agree with me on that too lol.

I collect comics. My fav is HellBlazer. I loved Neil Gaiman before the hype. Sandman and Preacher comics are a close second fav along with Indiana Jones.

I am a Godfather Addict. I have never seen another movie – except maybe Home Alone when I was a kid (and yes I can commentary the entire movie). I own a Godfather bobble head and the anniversary addition of the movies.

I have zero toys left from when I was a kid.

Most ppl think it’s only my sister and I, but we have an older brother and two younger.

I’ve been an aunt since I was 8 and a great aunt since 32.

Fav flowers are sunflowers and tulips. I like dahlias too. Fav colours a red and purple, but not together.

And I don’t understand why ppl like pineapple on their pizza or chocolates w fruit centres. That’s weird to me!



You can hate me after this, remove me from your lists, but this I feel pulled to write.

It is wrong that anyone be hurt unjustifyably by anyone else, let alone by someone who is to keep us safe from hsrm.

When dealing with the legalities of the death by the cop recorded on camera, the whole idea is to now get jutice for that man’s death right? We have proof that he murdered him. We do not have proof that it was on purpose. Yes it was beyond disgusting that he did what he did and thus ended in the murder, but law wise we have no proof of intent.

If the policeman is taken to court and tried for first degree murder which means intent to kill, with no proof – he could be let free. That’s a terrifying thought. If we charge him with second degree murder because we do have proof of that, then we a pretty much guaranteed a conviction of 15 years. If justice is what is the goal – then why not do what ensures a conviction?

I believe in peaceful protests to get our government moving, but how does looting, destroying the properties and businesses, as well as local people being hurt going to make the argument stand? When you are fighting for rights and justice, why are you hurting ppl and ruining the community for other ppl and their livliloods.

You are being hypocrits. Be the change you want to see or else you are only feeding the injustice in this world. And that’s the biggest issue w ppl on this planet. We are killing each other to make a stand against the same things we are doing in return. Grow up. You should be ashamed of yourselves.



The Gaelic May Day, Beltane, is simply the first day of summer.

It is mainly celebrated in Ireland and Scotland, as one of its four Gaelic seasonal festivals – Samhain, Imbolc & Lughnasadh.

Like most festivals, it marked certain times of the year for regular every day people. So Beltane, was considered a good time for people to know when the cattle go out to their summer pastures. There would be rituals and sacrifices given out to the gods as a way to hopefully have healthy animals and crops.

As the pagan rituals advanced overtime, they would use the yellow mayflower to decorate their homes, to burn in a Beltane bonfire with a feast celebrated with their neighbors. Holy wells were also visited and people would even save the dew from the mornings on Beltane, to use on their skin.

In the 21st-century, pagans and wiccans use it as a time to celebrate abundance and fertility. A lot of celebrations are held at this time like pagan marriages. It’s a great way to bring in the summer and in the southern hemisphere kick off the winter with Samhain aka Halloween at that time. Because of the two big holidays on either end of the earth’s hemisphere, it is considered a time when the veil between the living and the dead is very thin, thus making paranormal experiences more likely to happen. It is also a great time then, to celebrate your ancestors and invite them to the festivities.

There are fire burning rituals, different wreaths as well as other floral mayflower decorations placed as well as burnt on Beltane. The celebratory May pole and the people enjoy the day as a day of happiness and abundance for the summer to come. Lots of sweet and savoury foods are cooked as a way to express and celebrate as well as leave offerings for the needs of the crops and animals during the summer time.

Like the Empress card, of the major arcana in tarot, showing the time of Venus as well as Taurus – which we are in right now, expresses a time of abundance and fertility.

Mythologically, Beltane is when Persephone can come back to Demeter and life springs into action again. It is also a merging of the masculine and feminine – the mating season now brings forth births of wildlife, etc.


Family Trip

I am iron anemic right now while going through a Crohns disease relapse, causing me to sleep a LOT! This is my dream – or one of from today:

We are only a family vacation for 3 days. There are many members of both my mom and my dad’s side of the family there, but I recall wishing I could stay a week, to see everyone who came.

I asked one woman on the tripI met, if I could walk her dog across the street to get food. She came too and I ordered a pizza sub that came in two subs. He offered to go next door and get me a med choc milk and charged me $106 for which I was outraged and told them I’d fuck their business clientel up for fucking me.

We come back and I get in a car w my sister and mom so she can meet a cousin from NFL who had ancestry info on my dad’s mom. My sister in a huff of not trusting him, left the car and we went into an antique store. I asked if they had matryoshka (Russian nesting) dolls and she had 3 sets. Two of which I got. The set I didn’t want was round and blue, the second had a koala on it and the 3rd was a plate that separated i to 3 pieces.

Of the family I saw that I knew, were my two cousins Kyle and Alex, my youngest nephew Nicck, my sister, my mother, and my grandparents. My grandpa whom is passed away.

My grandmother shares the same life path as me July 6, 1929 = 7

My grandfather who’s passed dob was Oct 28, 1929 = 32 which follows me

My mother is July 16, 1954 = 33 – no symbolism there

My sister Aug 15, 1980 = 32 as well

What’s interesting, if you take your life path number and compare it to the same numbered major arcana card of the tarot – and then do the same for the currennt year (example I was born Dec 2, 1982 making me a 7 chariot. Replace year of birth w current year you get Dec 2, 2020 you get a 9 for The Hermit. )

Why I bring this up, is bc my mother, sister and I all have different life path numbers, our current year numbers are the same.

Kyle dob April 29, 1971 = 51/6 no connection

Alex dob April 27, 1973 = 8 a number recently being seen a lot

And last but not least, Nick Dec 19, 2005 = 19 another number dear to me

As for Koala Bears:

“In their native country, Australia, the koala is a symbol of dreams, intuition and magic. They’re also symbolic of innocence. As a totem, the koala reminds us to approach life w childlike wonder.”

Nesting/Matryoshka Dolls:

I love these and used to collect them. They mean nostalgia and family and p.ay to me.

Seeing as this dream is about family, I will keep an eye out on mine who stuck out in the dream, to see how they are doing and update anything new.

On This Day Dream

It was either shauna or krissi talking about me doing a teaching broadcast on week two and three.

In two weeks it will be May 8, 2020 = 17 / 8 the star / strength Uranus / Leo

Dracula showed up in my synchronicity from my last blog.

May 15,2020 = 14 – art/ temperance (my card of Sagittarius)

In 5 weeks May 29,2020 = 20/2

23 weeks Oct 2,2020 = 7 – the chariot/ cancer in Scorpio – my aunts bday (we just had the anniversary of her ex husband Clayton’s bday)

Interesting given my research lately.

Seven Years Ago Memories

Zooey Duschanel dob Jan 17,1980 – 27/9 partner is Johnathan Scott – Property Bros twin from Canada bday April 28,1978 = 12/3

Snow leopard symbolism

Dog symbolism – loyalty, faithfulness

Finally got a name for my illness. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) a form of Dysautonomia.


History of Earth Day

A peace activist, John McConnell in 1969, brought the idea of Earth Day to be celebrated on the first day of Spring every year to the UNESCO conference in San Francisco.

A US senator made it Nation wide and hired Denis Hayes to be the coordinator. Hayes later took it from the US and made it nation wide in the 90’s.

The equinox occurs in the Spring of the Northern hemisphere and Autumn for the Southern hemisphere. It’s where the sun is directly above the Earth’s equator.

Earth Day is celebrated world wide as the first holy day with no limitations on country, beliefs, etc. People all over the globe are urged to live more green. Turn the lights out, recycle, pick up trash, etc.

Now the equinox or Summer Solstice, you can read about in my post FB Post


April 17, 2020 Dream Synchronicity

Today is 4/17/2020= 16 = 7 my life path.

So here’s my crazy dream from last night and the synchronicities that follow:

I fell back asleep and dreamt I was at a school concert or something, and I was with an old high school friend, but I can’t remember who it was now, and the song Lithium, by Nirvana came on.

Her and I started headbanging. Somehow we ended up upstairs, and we’re trying to get back down this black iron spiral staircase because we left our purses in the middle of the MoshPit.

There was a bunch of different coaches and political figures but I don’t remember who they were. I member one I said reminded me of Hugh Hefner.

Then it switches to a dream of me being sick I’m laying down and my mom is making popcorn and my sister is trying to take care of all these demons.

All of a sudden she says I have to do it and when I say I’m too sick that I’m not going to, she throws popcorn at me and leaves with my mom.

I am trying to keep the door shut while keeping my nephew out of the apartment because inside the apartment there’s this girl who is a giant and when she whips her lasso, it makes a hurricane which is her brother.

So she chases me down by the pool and I get in the water because I have to get to the tape machine on the other side to play the song Let It Be, in order to get rid of her.

She was crossing the pool as I woke up because my drink tipped over on me. I remember there was a strawberry shortcake and other things made to deal with the other demons.

That’s the dream. I know it’s messed up lol. So I’m looking on Facebook after writing it out and on this day in my memories, I was reading Bram Stokers, Dracula.

So I decide to look it up: remember 7 is my life path. 2’s & 7’s are my numbers. Derek’s is 9 & 19. We have the variants of 23 & 32 that follow us as well as the number 8 which I wrote a post on late 2019.

Bram died 108 years ago = 9

Dracula was published May 26 on my cousin’s birthday

He was married for 34 years = 7

His wife’s bday was July 17, the day after my mom and she died May 25 day before anniversary of Dracula being published.

So now my curiosity is piqued and so start looking into the song Let It Be:

Was released March 6, 1970 = 8

Recorded by EMI on April 30, 1969 =32

The single is 3:50 long =8

Paul and John met July 6, 1957 = 8
July 6 1929 – my grams bday life path 7
and my parents anniversary.

Paul has been in the business 63 years – 9

John was assassinated Dec 8

His first years before he quit the business for a while was 19 years

His partner Yoko Ono’s life path is 9

Chapman who murdered him dob May 10 – 1955 =7

He was reading Catcher In The Rye, my fav high school book and it came out on my moms bday July 16 1951 – which was the year my dad was born

My dad’s dob Nov 9, 1951 = 9

In my dream there were supposed to be these famous sport coaches and I said the one reminded me of Hugh Hefner:

Hefner was 27 when playboy came out 1953 2+7 =9 / 1953 = 18 = 9

On Ancestry where they did the possible famous relatives, Hugh came up as my 8th cousin.

I found out Dec 1, 2017 = 32

So Hugh’s first issue had Marilyn Monroe as the centrefold. Her dob June 1,1926 = 7

She was 36 when she died = 9

She worked 17 years = 8

She got married the first time at 16 years old = 7

Due to problems with her living situation, she ended up marrying her 2nd husband to keep from going back to the orphanage. They married June 19, 1942 = 32 to a boy who has the same first and last name as my college boyfriend. His birthday is February 8.

As for the song Lithium playing in the dream:

Nirvana was active 7 years

1989 nirvana released first album Bleach w Sub Pop in 1989 – I was 7

Was ranked 27 by Rolling Stones greatest artists of all time = 9

Inducted into hall of fame 2014 = 7

Sold over 25 million records = 7

Kurt was 27 when he died = 9

Dob Feb 20, 1967 = 9

Died April 5, 1994 = 32

His wife Courtney Love DOB July 9, 1964 = 9

Her band Hole formed in 1989 = I was 7

Their daughter Frances Bean is 27 = 9

The song Lithium was released July 13, 1991 = 32

My friend’s birthday

It is off the record Nevermind, released Sept 24, 1991 = 8

Will add more as I research more.