Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is quite simply that. Being aware you’re in a dream at the moment. Sometimes you can be fully functioning and adapt the dream, other times you know but still go with the theme of the dream already in place.

My first lucid dream was in our old house that we had all the experiences in. It was during the time of seeing spirits around my bed, bc in the dream I was standing on our back deck.

This witch appeared and started coming from the back woods towards the house. Face pointed downwards, but she was glaring at me with a sinister grin on her face. She was moving fast too. Floating just above the ground.

I ran down the hall to my sister’s room, where she was sitting at the foot of her bed, and asked me what I was doing, having ran in, in a mad panic. That’s when I became aware I was dreaming.

I realised in that moment, I needed to wake my ass up, and fast, bc the witch would be there any second. I ran over to sit cross legged on the floor between my sister on her bed, and her closet, and just started shaking my head back and forth screaming, “Wake up!” Over and over again. All I could hear was my sister asking me why I was doing that, and then boom! I woke up.

Didn’t happen again until my early 30’s, when I was trying to find my friend Steve. It was the end of the world, and I needed to be with him when it happened. First I had to do something, but as per usual, every time I’d be on my way to doing whatever it was, someone I knew would stop me and ask me for help. This is how I became aware what was going on., bc this is typical in my dreams. I was finally content with not doing whatever I had set out to do, and was on my way back to Steve when I woke up.

Repeating Dreams

For as long as I can remember I have always had reoccurring dreams. There’s a bulk of them that seem to happen basically the same way. Started with the house blowing up, which I mentioned when I was little, then there are the elevator dreams. There are two. One, I am in a hotel like structure going to different rooms and riding the elevator to different floors. The second, I am at a mall where I ride this glass elevator up to the 600 and some floor and end up having to walk along a suspended plank to get to a deck space that is all wide open with no walls or anything, and I am terrified bc it’s so windy.

I also dream of two other malls randomly, depending on what I am doing in the dreams, I also have reoccurring dreams of being in a church or house wih a demon or exorcist like being in it. As well as dreams with shoot outs. All of a sudden these gang members, mafia, whomever enter the public place I am in, and start shooting up the place. We shoot back, but the bullets float so slowly through the air, by the time it hits one of them, it just bings off them. So I have to wait for my gun to regroup itself for me to try again lol. Very bizarre bc this one tends to repeat itself more than once in the same night. There are many others, but I don’t generally remember them until I have them.

I’ll talk more about dream visitations from spirits and past pets during my dreams, as well as astral travel in another post, but there are still more guides to meet first!


My Crazy Household

I feel like I should have photos of some of thesee people, bc I feel so close to them, but the closest I will get is a pencil drawing,

My guide Alma you met briefly in my first post. She’s been around, around 20 or more years. Long brown hair, straight, usually pulled away from her face when I see her. Round face, darker complexion, looks Native. She is always wearing dresses or long ankle length skirts with flowing shirts. They are never fancy or expensive looking, but beautiful in a regular kind of way,

She is very loving and sweet, and more of a comfort than anything else. She helps me grow spiritually in the mothering type of way, by letting me know she is here for me, and encouraging me gently, by assuring me everything is safe and fine to go ahead with.

She has been there when I’ve connected with other spirits, the family of people I have read for, and is generally there when I’ve met a new guide. She’s just always been here for me, and is the guide I have known about since I was around 14 years old. She ages as I do, about 10 years more than myself.

Geoffrey. He has only been around a few years. Older man around 70 years old, in appearance. He is tall, regular weight from what I can tell. He wears a black dress jacket and pants, with a white dress shirt, buttoned up. His coat and pants are a little dusty looking from wear, and they’re too big and long on him. He wears a black, brimmed at that is scruffy as well.

He doesn’t say much, but is very sweet and gentlemanly. He is almost always in any meditation I do, to do with connecting with my own family members that have passed, or when I am needing comfort from my depression. He holds my hand, or my forearms like Alma does, and that is how I know he is here when I am doing day to day things. In fact he is doing it now lol.

My first animal guides I met, I knew were mine, bc I never would have chose them lol. The squirrel showed up first in my meditations, which made me laugh bc I find them annoying. They steal my flowers, try to touch me, I’ve found them layi under the heal of my shoes, and we randomly scare the crap out of each other when I’m outside reading bc neither of us are expecting each other,

My other one was a bunny. Okay I could get with this. A little nest lives under my back deck, and my neighbor upstairs and I feed them. Even the guy next door has named them. They are part of our regular lives. When I’ve been around pet rabbits in person, I’ve always been really gentle and respectful of them, and then the crazy loud people around me, end up getting me bit by them lol. Not impressed by that, so i will not own a bunny. Still cute though.

More guides to come!


Then It Began Again…

I was 32ish and found this free psychic reading site of Facebook. They were looking for administrators for their group, and I wanted to help. Another girl was starting at the same time as me, whom quickly became best friends with the owner of the group.

I would be asked randomly why I wasn’t using my gifts, amd I would laugh and say if I did I would be too scared to see spirits. Then they tricked me. For fun they said, look at these two photos and just tell us what you feel from them. Apparently I nailed it, and was approved to be a mediumship reader on the group.

They’d answer any questions I had, and gave me some tips to making readings easier, and some meditations. I then started doing aura readings, and asked if I could do tarot, which I was. I couldn’t see spirits, but could sense them and get messages from hem, like watchig a memory or movie being played in my mind.

I loved it, but kept craving to do more than just read, but couldn’t find anything else on metaphysics, because I didn’t know what I was looking for.

Joined a social broadcasting app, where I was able to watch Tony Moore draw The Walking Dead covers, and soon found out regular people broadcasted too.

I started in paranormal scopes, and slowly started reading mediumship on my own broadcasts. Found more readers, then great friends who would lead to everything I had been searching for. Unending knowledge to research. Not just God or angel based things, which never resonated w me, because I wasn’t raised to believe in that, but tangible hings I could interact with, like nature and my ancestors,

Now I teach metaphysics for fun, do astrologg broadcasts through tarot and runes, became a Reiki master and have attuned other students for it, and have my first show as a tarot reader this Fall.

What am I learning now? Omg there’s so much! I keep trying to hone the gofts I have, learning more about shamanism, animal guides, lucid and astral travelling, and more areas of energy work. A ton more too, but those are my main focus, along with studying Norse mythology and the viking way of life.

I am seeing spirits more now, hear them a lot, sense certain smells which make me hungry for the weirdest things at random times, and even learning trance mediumship to allow guides to enter me.

Next… I will introduce a few more pivotal guides. You’ve heard a little about Alma, but there’s more characters to the mix. Some I’ve been told are guides, and ones I have seen eiher in person or in meditation. Even some of my animal guides.


Accepting and opening myself up fully to my gifts. Accepting it’s okay to be in the darkness w the unknown, and I have the power.

Listen to the wisdom all around me. Go against conventional ways of doig things, and just do me, independently.

Make the decision to be happy, and independent. Don’t rely on others to be my happiness. Do it for myself and expect nothing from others. Forgive their shortcomings.

The stag talks of using the power, independence and integrity of the stag to maintain and protect my position in life.

The swan is about working with the otherworld to gain knowledge. Inspiration, love and creativity come from this card.

The raven is security and gift of prophecy. It shows an ending to difficult situations from my past, and acts like the death card, as in one chapter is ending, so I can start a new one.

I feel like I am in nostalgia mode. Or even tower reversed. Resisting a needed change. Been keeping busy and working on a lot of reading about metaphysics. Maybe that’s why my great grandmother from my previous post, popped up while I was doing readings the other night. She was apparently an amazing woman. She would hold a strong front, then cry when she was alone at night. My mom could hear her from her room, when she went there to spend the night.


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Lets start at the beginning. Waaay back. Before I was born.. that’s my great great grandma, my grandma holding my mom as a baby, and my great grandmother Hazel.

She passed away when my mom was young. Before my sister or I was born. My grandma left nursing school to help raise her siblings and help with her dying mother. This has been something that has been hard on her.

Growing up, my mom would walk in the room where my grandma was alone, and she would be talking away to her mother. They never really discussed it.

Switching now to me as a six year old. We had moved into a bungalo and the reoccurring dreams started. Dreams of me waking up and realizing my house was about to explode, and running outside just in time.

Then I started waking up to all these people around the foot of my bed. Just standing there. Looking at me. Growing up my mom would play the Wizard of Oz which terrified me, but my mom thought I loved it for some reason lol. So I swore these people around my bed were witches, and I’d try to get the nerve up to get out of bed and pretend I was one of them, just long enough to run out of the room to get my parents.

High school ages, my sister and I would all of a sudden not be able to go down the hallway of our basement. Not all the time, just sometimes. Then we started hearing voices. My sister would hear, “Psst, come here,” whispered into her ear from behind her. She had just closed the window, and would turn around to find it open again.

I would hear my sister calling me to come to her room, and she would actually be coming up from the basement asking me why I was asking her what she wanted. Many of nights in that house we would spend in the kitchen by the phone to call our parents, hearing people moving around downstairs, thinkig someone had broken in, when no one was there. Even our big dog growing up would start to growl and raise the fur on the back of his neck.

Now switching to my sister being nineteen and in the hospital being diagnosed with Crohns Disease. She was so malnourished from it taking so long to get her diagnosed, that she was close to death. She woke up in her hospital bed and saw our grandfather who had passed away five to ten years earlier standing by her bed smiling at her.

Two years later I was the same age my sister was, and in the same hospital room she was in, becoming diagnosed wih Crohns Disease. My sister as well, was having a hard time with a relapse at home and my mom would lay in bed worrying about us. Just after I got out of the hospital, my uncle Doug, her little brother died of a heart attack. This broke my mom’s heart.

Amanda and I were both home from the hospital and very ill. My mom, on a random sleepless night worrying, rolled over and there he was. My uncle standing in front of her. He told her not to be upset that he was fine, and patted his chest to show he was okay. Theh told her my sister and i would be fine and not to worry.

That Spring, I awoke in the middle of the night, in a new home, not the one we were scared of, and this woman was sitting on my tote bin in my dormer window. I wasn’t scared at all. She was fully formed, but I could still see through her a bit, but she was all shades of gray. No color, no black or white, just grays. She was wearing and older styled dress that someone who wasn’t well off would wear, and her hair was pinned back, but long. She leaned forward and put her head in her hands as though sobbing, and leaned forward. As she did so, she disappeared. She didn’t seem to notice me, and I wasn’t afraid of her. I just went to sleep peacefully.

This is the beginnig journeys as well as many countless other stories that started me to realise I was going to have some interesting things to get used to, and then become passionate about. My first real thought of having gifts, was being fifteen and doing a guided meditation, and meeting my spirit guide, Alma for the first time. Twenty-one years later, and she’s still dealing with my stubborn ass, and is a lot more nice about it, than some of my other companions lol. Those you meet later.