The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Lets start at the beginning. Waaay back. Before I was born.. that’s my great great grandma, my grandma holding my mom as a baby, and my great grandmother Hazel.

She passed away when my mom was young. Before my sister or I was born. My grandma left nursing school to help raise her siblings and help with her dying mother. This has been something that has been hard on her.

Growing up, my mom would walk in the room where my grandma was alone, and she would be talking away to her mother. They never really discussed it.

Switching now to me as a six year old. We had moved into a bungalo and the reoccurring dreams started. Dreams of me waking up and realizing my house was about to explode, and running outside just in time.

Then I started waking up to all these people around the foot of my bed. Just standing there. Looking at me. Growing up my mom would play the Wizard of Oz which terrified me, but my mom thought I loved it for some reason lol. So I swore these people around my bed were witches, and I’d try to get the nerve up to get out of bed and pretend I was one of them, just long enough to run out of the room to get my parents.

High school ages, my sister and I would all of a sudden not be able to go down the hallway of our basement. Not all the time, just sometimes. Then we started hearing voices. My sister would hear, “Psst, come here,” whispered into her ear from behind her. She had just closed the window, and would turn around to find it open again.

I would hear my sister calling me to come to her room, and she would actually be coming up from the basement asking me why I was asking her what she wanted. Many of nights in that house we would spend in the kitchen by the phone to call our parents, hearing people moving around downstairs, thinkig someone had broken in, when no one was there. Even our big dog growing up would start to growl and raise the fur on the back of his neck.

Now switching to my sister being nineteen and in the hospital being diagnosed with Crohns Disease. She was so malnourished from it taking so long to get her diagnosed, that she was close to death. She woke up in her hospital bed and saw our grandfather who had passed away five to ten years earlier standing by her bed smiling at her.

Two years later I was the same age my sister was, and in the same hospital room she was in, becoming diagnosed wih Crohns Disease. My sister as well, was having a hard time with a relapse at home and my mom would lay in bed worrying about us. Just after I got out of the hospital, my uncle Doug, her little brother died of a heart attack. This broke my mom’s heart.

Amanda and I were both home from the hospital and very ill. My mom, on a random sleepless night worrying, rolled over and there he was. My uncle standing in front of her. He told her not to be upset that he was fine, and patted his chest to show he was okay. Theh told her my sister and i would be fine and not to worry.

That Spring, I awoke in the middle of the night, in a new home, not the one we were scared of, and this woman was sitting on my tote bin in my dormer window. I wasn’t scared at all. She was fully formed, but I could still see through her a bit, but she was all shades of gray. No color, no black or white, just grays. She was wearing and older styled dress that someone who wasn’t well off would wear, and her hair was pinned back, but long. She leaned forward and put her head in her hands as though sobbing, and leaned forward. As she did so, she disappeared. She didn’t seem to notice me, and I wasn’t afraid of her. I just went to sleep peacefully.

This is the beginnig journeys as well as many countless other stories that started me to realise I was going to have some interesting things to get used to, and then become passionate about. My first real thought of having gifts, was being fifteen and doing a guided meditation, and meeting my spirit guide, Alma for the first time. Twenty-one years later, and she’s still dealing with my stubborn ass, and is a lot more nice about it, than some of my other companions lol. Those you meet later.



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