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Two years ago, Derek did a tarot spread on me and saw that there was going to be a death in my family. It wasn’t easy for him to tell me that, but I respected the honesty and we waited to see. By clicking Here you can read from his entry.

Shortly there after in the time span in which he said this that would occur, my Mother’s cousin, Brett, succumbed after years of fighting cancer. I never would have thought of him, because he had been living with this cancer literally for years. So it was really a shock inside when it happened.

Six years before that, his nephew, my cousin, Cody, was hit by a train early one morning. He was walking home close to the train tracks, when the train went by, it sucked him under.

The Fall before that, Cody had tried to commit suicide by hanging himself in the garage. His stepfather, wheelchair-bound from MS, found him hanging, and saved him in time thankfully. The sad part of his passing, was not only because he was so young and it was so shocking and unexpected, but also because we weren’t sure if it was an accident or not. His mom and dad, my mom’s cousin Scot, had to watch a video to make sure that Cody didn’t jump in front of the train. And he didn’t.

He was three years younger than me, born October 19, 1985. The anniversary of his death is coming up in May, he passed away May 12, 2012, and then in June it will be the anniversary of his uncle Brett’s.

The reason I bring up Brett at all is because of the link it has to Derek, so you can understand how him and I being connected, could then link Derek to the anniversary of Cody’s death.

When Cody passed, he was the first person who’s wake and funeral I couldn’t go to. It affected me so badly, because I had once, 13 years ago tried to kill myself, and thankfully didn’t succeed. So even though I have been in remission for years, it really did affect me, and the fact that it was so shocking and unexpected, to lose Cody. This is something I’ve had a hard time processing since his passing.

The two days prior, to yesterday, I had been getting weird whiffs of stinky outdoor flowers. The kind that look pretty, but don’t smell so great, so you don’t bring them in the house. I was sitting in my kitchen talking to a friend, when all of a sudden I heard violin music playing. It was in my apartment, but every time I went to the room of which I heard it, it would slowly dissipate away into another room. Crazy I know. I had heard music throughout the years of living here before, but never violin music. So I decided to pull three tarot cards to try to figure out who this person was. Figuring if it was a family member, I might get some astrological association through the cards linking to that person. Assuming that it was an older woman, because of the flowers, I then pulled the three cards. I got the following: The Chariot, The Fool reversed, and the seven of pentacles. The Chariot is linked to the astrology sign of Cancer, The Fool is linked to the planet Uranus, which is then linked to all air signs in astrology, that being: Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. And the seven of pentacles being linked to Taurus. So I knew that the person would have to be, if someone I knew then passed during one of those times. I have a bunch of family members that have passed, saved on my phone of their birthdays and death dates from the Ancestry app. There was only one person that fit that time frame. And that was Cody. His death anniversary date was and he was born in – linking him to the air signs of The Fool card reversed. Also note, The Fool card reversed linked him being too close to the train. I counted up his birthday, and his life Path number is seven like me. The Chariot is the seventh card of the major arcana, then we have The Fool which is number zero. And the seven of pentacles. That’s two sevens. Equalling 14. 14 is the Temperance card in the major arcana, and that is the astrological sign of Sagittarius, me. You go further, and add up the one and four from 14, and you get 5. The same amount of days, five until the anniversary of his death. I was so excited to tell Derek, about this link, and he couldn’t believe it, because he had just left his bathroom and saw this on his bathroom floor for the first time since moving to that place last November. This is a photo of what he saw. I believe, that this is Cody’s way of saying hi, and making himself known just before the anniversary of his passing. I feel he came to me, because he knew I could decipher it, but also because of how it is the one death that affected me a lot and the family.


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