0 The Fool – taking a leap of faith

Rev. Unrealistic planning, being naive

1 The Magician – achieving goals, focused

Rev. -low confidence, using ppl, lying

2 The High Priestess – being intuitive, aware of surroundings

Rev. Ignoring instincts, delay or change of plans

3 Empress – fertility, creativity, impending marriage

Rev. Neglecting yourself, delqy in marriage / infertility

4 Emporer – takes charge, protective, smart, set clear goals

Rev. Need to step up to the plate

5 Heirophant – traditional values, culture, religion, possible impending marriage

Rev. Being manipulated, used, too literal or dogmatic

6 The Lovers – Important choice to be made w love and or family, eternal love

Rev. Rushing, lust

7. Chariot – be in charge of your life, set clear boundaries, possible trip

Rev. Feeling vulnerable, living aimlessly, living fot only pleasure, focus, delayed trip

8 Strength – Feeling strong, empowered, health increasing, enjoyment of life

Rev. Fearful or hopeless, or domineering

9 Hermit – time to get away and recharge

Rev. Too busy to think

10 Wheel of Fortune – turn of good luck

Rev. Turn of bad luck

11 Justice – balance – good court ruling so be honest

Rev. Injustice, unfair, unbalanced

12 Hanged Man – feeling stuck, need new approach

Rev. Not willing to make changes, seeing things unclearly

13 Death – time of signifigant change, transition

Rev. Avoiding necessary change

14 Temperance – being harmonious in hard times

Rev. Can’t find a balance, all things in moderation

15 The Devil – obsessive or material ambition, imbalanced, co-dependency

Rev. Wanting something that’s not good for you, imbalance

16 The Tower – forced change

Rev. Avoiding change, not learning from experiences

17 Star – hope, light at the end of the tunnel, on right path

Rev. Hopeless, negative, need to help yourself

18 Moon – unclear, unsteady, influenced easily, don’t be impulsive or accusing

Rev. Things becoming clear, mikder problems, female gynecological issues

19 Sun – Success, achievement, happiness, improved health

Rev. Good things happening, but not seeing it, being cocky about, expecting too much

20 Judgement – rebirth, accept responsibility and move forward

Rev. Not changing life for the better, in a rut

21 World – nearing completion of a goal, about to go on a journey, big stage in life

Rev. Hindered, journey delayed, unrealistic goals

Wands – Fire – Intuition – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Ace – Leap of faith, new beginnings, ambition

Rev. Lacking motivation, hard time starting something new, blocked creatively

2 Making life choices, starting something new, possible partnership

Rev. Unexpected surprise, hard time making decisions, lack of confidence, partnership problems

3 Planting seeds for the future

Rev. Held back, bad advice, bad decisions, unrealisitic goals, regroup

4 Firm foundation, enjoy your success, rite of passage – marriage, birth, graduation, moving

Rev. Cannot commit to project or relationship, denial on a new home, short lived delays

5 Quarreling, petty fights

Rev. Watch for being taken advantage of, need to settle differences w someone

6 Accomplishment, recognition, opportunities arise

Rev. Struggling for help, set backs

7 Need to be assertive and stand your ground

Rev. Feeling too passive or intimidated, stand up for yourself

8 Swift, fast, speedy

Rev. Moving too fast, possible delay

9 Almost done, keep fighting

Rev. Ill-prepared, acting at a disadvantage, taken on more than you can chew

10 Weighted down, put it all on your shoulders

Rev. Being taken advantage of, not delegating properly

Page Beginning of a project, messages coming, ambitious

Rev. Delays, bad news, problem w stranger

Knight Action, movement, excitement about to arrive, move or new job

Rev. Travel problems, relationship issues, uncommitted

Queen Mature, nurturing, energetic, strong willed, independent, gets job done, devoted to family

Rev. Bossy, overbearing, wants what she wants when she wants it

King Mature, accomplished, leads ppl to get things done

Rev. Domineering, egotistical, arrogant

Cups – Water – Feelings – Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

Ace New emotional beginning

Rev. Delays in beginning something new

2 Positive relationship, forming relationship, reconciliation w partners

Rev. Problems in relationships, lack of commitment

3 Happiness, success, good news

Rev. Over indulgence, partnership problems

4 Disatisfied, feeling stuck, unmotivated

Rev. New possibilities, look for signs

5 Disappointed, a loss

Rev. Need new perspective, find the good

6 Memories, ppl return from the past

Rev. Need to face current situations

7 Stuck at a crossroads

Rev. Resolving confusion, time to put plan into action, chance to quit addictions

8 Emotionally unsatisfied, ready to move on

Rev. Resolve problems before walking away

9 Time of pleasure, dreams come true

Rev. Superficial behavior, seeming smug, egocentric

10 Loving relationships, achieving desires, healing from suffering

Rev. Domestic problems, unfulfilled, realizing what you got isn’t what you wanted

Page New experiences, messages, good news, pregnancy or birth, helpful creative productivity

Rev. Day dreaming, uncommitted, unreliable, addiction to escape

Knight Action, movement, prince charming, inspiration

Rev. Being used, seduced, uncommitted

Queen Mother type, sensitive, nurturing

Rev. Too sensitive, no boundaries, unstable, could have addictions

King Father figure, gives good advice, therapist, cleric, etc.

Rev. Daydreaming, liar, manipulating, addictions

Swords – Thinking – Air – Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

Ace New beginnings w thinking and communication, facing obstables

Rev. Misuse of force, end of relationships, over doing it

2 Calm and balanced, open to other’s feelings

Rev. Undecided, impulsive, quarreling w loved ones, lying to someone

3 Confronting separation, loss, surgery, chance to start fresh

Rev. Not allowing yourself to grow bc of a loss or disappointment

4 Time for a rest, recoup, time alone

Rev. Rejection leading to loneliness

5 A loss, defeat, loneliness, lesson to be learned, or can mean smug or gloating

Rev. Wallowing in self pity

6 Leaving troubled waters, helping someone else

Rev. Difficulty leaving a bad situation, delays in travel

7 Research and careful planning needed, avoid confrontation

Rev. Unstable effort, biting off more than you can choose, dealing w underhandedness

8 Feeling trapped, over thinking, letting others take control

Rev. Time to take back control and change way of thinking

9 Wanting to run away

Rev. Unable to face fears, need courage

10 Ready to move on, hit rock bottom

Rev. Feel stuck, must face issues head on

Page Smart at putting things together, independent, unwanted news

Rev. Underhanded, sneaky, surgery, illness

Knight Defend rights, protect what matters

Rev. Impatient, insensitive, conflict, death, misfortune, illness, surgery

Queen Need to keep wits about you, anticipated loss, self reliant

Rev. Not coping, grief, bitter

King Intellect to get success, lawyer, doctor, etc.

Rev. User, outsmart ppl for own gain, aggressive

Penticles – Sensation – Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Ace New beginnings w health, money, or material things

Rev. Need to change approach w money, greedy, missed opportunities

2 Feeling unbalanced, headed towards calm

Rev. Pulled in too many directions, taken on too much, unexpected obstacles

3 Recognized for hard work

Rev. Childish, lazy behavior, cutting corners

4 Focussed on earning money and possessions, incoming wealth

Rev. Being cheap, fear of loss, delays

5 Mutual love and support during hard times

Rev. Reluctance to commit, inclined to give up

6 Giving back and helping others

Rev. Ingratitude, unfairness, be responsible

7 Getting what you put in

Rev. Insecure, work and research hard to prevail – get financial advice

8 Taking pride in one’s own work

Rev. Not putting in time or effort

9 Reaping rewards of hard work

Rev. Blocked progress, delay on investment, deception, or broken promises

10 Enjoying the wealth

Rev. Family feud over money, gambling, being cheap w money

Page Care for self and environment, works hard, news to do w scholary topics

Rev. Disappointing news, doing least amount of work possible

Knight Do job right, focused on financial and material matters, dependable, trustworthy

Rev. Lazy, undependable, stagnant

Queen Skilled at material needs, could be pregnant, new business ventures

Rev. Take care of body and money

King Smart, into science, math, analytical

Rev. Financial risk, greed, jealousy, lying


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