Wayne Static Realization

I was having a bunch of dreams leading me to Nov. 4. If you want to see the synchronicity and how it linked to Wayne Static click here.

My cousin Cody & Bret both passed away and written numerous blogs on in the past, kept linking to my uncle Glen’s birthday – Bret’s father.

He’s been suffering for a while in a nursing home, so it was bittersweet when he finally passed on October 26, 2020. It was especially sad bc he passed on his oldest son, Scott’s birthday and just two days after his wife of 65 years birthday. 

I have been on a dream streak where I have had a dream every day and remembered it since August 20, and it ended on Monday as my last night of dreaming. November 1. 75 days. The day Wayne Static died 2014 at the age of 48 from an overdose. 

Wayne Static was born Nov 4, 1965. 

My aunt Coraline fell on November 4 and it caused a brain bleed. Things are not looking good for her sadly. 

So I decided to pull three tarot cards to see if this was something that will lead to her unfortunate passing. 

Let’s look at everyone’s birthday and passing dates and compare to info on cards above: 

Uncle Glen – born 8/22/1928 – 10/26/2020. 

His bday equals 32/5 which is a common passing number for me and my friend Derek, who is connected hugely to these synchronicities from the past experiences. 

He passed away on a date equalling 13/4. 13 is yet again the Death card of the major arcana and it is the card of Scorpio – the season he passed in. 4 is the Emperor in the major arcana – showed in picture above as the middle card. 

Bret is his son and the one who started the synchronicities through a reading Derek did that predicted his death, which in turn he predicted uncle Glen’s as well. 

He was born 2/27/1963 equalling 3 and passed away 6/25/2018 equalling 24/6 – the cards above when added together equal 6 which is The Lovers card of the major arcana 

His nephew, my cousin Cody was a major factor in connecting all these past and present synchronicities together, was born 10/19/1985 equalling 34/7 my life path too. He died 5/12/2012 which is also a 13/4 The Death card as well as the season for Glen’s passing and the 4 The Emperor showing in the picture above as the centre card. 

Aunt Coraline was born 10/24/1930 equalling 20/2 there are two other cards in the photo, both being 10’s – equalling 20. 

The date of her fall 11/4/2020 – Wayne Static’s Birthday, and it equals 10 – the two other cards again in the photo are 10’s. 

There were 9 days in between uncle Glen passing and Coraline’s fall. 

10 of Pentacles is Virgo 6th house

4 the Emperor is Aries 1st House 

10 the Wheel of Fortune is Jupiter which rules Sagittarius 9th House. 

Add them up – 6 the Lovers 

Add up all the dates of when they passed, you get 14 Temperance of the major arcana which is Sagittarius the last card in photo above. 

Uncle Glen was a Virgo which is the first card shown in photo. 

I believe based off the numbers she will pass either 6 days from her fall Nov 10, 2020 or on Nov 6, 2020. 

I am writing this blog at 1:27am of Nov 5, 2020, but holding off publishing it out of respect for my loved one. I will be posting my prediction in Derek’s Facebook group now though. 


Update 10:01pm Nov 6, 2020

Today my aunt Coraline died at 4:30. 

Derek once up for the day after I told him of my prediction pulled 3 cards as well. He had figured based off her condition and the cards he pulled, along with prior dreams he had, had, that she would pass on November 5 by 7pm. It wasn’t when she passed, but he had pulled card numbering 8+3+4=15/6. He just didn’t realize the date was there all along. The 4 & 3 was the time of death. 

He had a dream last night of a man who’s bday is November 15. Remember my uncles and how they connect so well to Derek? Well my uncle Casey passed away November 15.

What’s more interesting is November 2020=15/6 and then the 15/6 being the day.

It gets weirder. The other of the two uncle, Doug – the date of his bday this year 12/26/2020=15/6!

Derek and I also have the same Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams. He pulled the wolf which I consider my spirit animal – the card number is 15/6!

Unfortunately my mom’s cousin Patty has emphysema and is not doing well. Her bday is Jan 26. Jan 26, 2021 =6. So does my dad’s bday Nov 9, 2020. 

The reading I did this morning, my client asked me to pull a card for her lol and I pulled a 6. She is 66 years old and a life path 6. 

My dream streak started August 20, 2020 equalling 14 which is my card in the tarot Temperance. It is also the date of the author H P Lovecraft. It ended Nov 1, 2020 the day Wayne Static died. That date equals a 7 which is my life path. The day Wayne Static was born was Nov 4, the day my aunt fell. 

Whether or not this number is becoming a new death number like 23/32 in the past, 6 is The Lovers in the tarot and I like to think that says something to my uncle Glen and aunt Coraline’s marriage lasting as long as it did. 



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